Healthcare Hacking Havoc: Change Healthcare Faces Fresh Extortion Fiasco

In a plot twist worthy of a heist movie, the RansomHub gang now leaks Change Healthcare data, double-dipping into the extortion pot. Will they cough up the cash or call the cyber-bluff? Stay tuned! #CorporateDrama #DataHeist

Hot Take:

Well, folks, it looks like Change Healthcare got a subscription to the worst streaming service ever: Ransomflix. They thought they’d binge-watched the last season of “Pay Up or Leak,” but surprise! The extortion gang is back with a plot twist – double extortion. Looks like not even a $22 million alleged ransom payment gets you out of the sequel no one asked for. And this time, it’s personal… data, I mean. Who needs TV dramas when you’ve got real-life cyber soap operas?

Key Points:

  • Change Healthcare is pirouetting on the ransomware stage yet again with a new extortion partner, RansomHub, after their previous tango with BlackCat.
  • BlackCat claimed to have downloaded a whooping 6 TB of data and then ghosted after collecting a hefty $22 million – talk about a hit-and-run.
  • The affiliate ‘Notchy’ seems to have a vendetta against Change Healthcare, threatening to release or sell stolen data to the highest dark web bidder.
  • Sensitive corporate and patient data, including financial info and patient care bills, are now making their debut on the leak site.
  • Change Healthcare is keeping their lips sealed tighter than Fort Knox on whether they’ve paid the ransom, while BleepingComputer plays detective to verify the leaked data’s authenticity.

Need to know more?

Ransomware: The Plot Thickens

Just when Change Healthcare thought they could put their feet up after a cyberattack in February, the sequel hits them like a ton of bricks. The chaos that ensued originally had doctors and pharmacies in a billing blockade, and now it seems the company's wallet might be the next to get squeezed.

BlackCat's Game of Cat and Mouse

The mastermind behind the original attack, BlackCat, pulled a Houdini after reportedly making Change Healthcare's $22 million vanish. This could've been a classic exit scam, leaving the affiliate – affectionately known as Notchy – holding the (empty) ransom bag.

Notchy's Revenge

Notchy, feeling the sting of betrayal, has now cozied up with RansomHub for another round of "Give us your money or else." Their strategy? A little public shaming by leaking corporate secrets and patient data teasers on their exclusive leak site. It's like the cybercriminal version of reality TV.

The Clock is Ticking

The leaked data is like a ticking time bomb, with Change Healthcare being given a five-day ultimatum. With the clock ticking, the healthcare giant has to decide whether to pay up or risk their patients' data ending up in the cyber bazaar.

BleepingComputer Turns Detective

While Change Healthcare plays the silent game, BleepingComputer is on the case, trying to confirm if the leaked data is the real deal. But as the cyber sleuths dig deeper, the company remains quieter than a mime at a library, leaving us all on the edge of our ergonomic office chairs.

In conclusion, Change Healthcare's cyber saga continues, with the bad guys seemingly holding all the cards. It's a high-stakes game of digital poker where the chips are sensitive data, and the house – or in this case, the cybercriminals – always wins. Stay tuned as we watch whether Change Healthcare will fold or call in this twisted game of cyber extortion.

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