Hackers Triumph at Pwn2Own 2024: Over $1.1M in Prizes for Zero-Day Ninjas

Crack open the cybersecurity piggy bank! At Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024, wizards of the web wielded their hacking wands to whisk away a whopping $1,132,500 by exposing 29 zero-days. Watch out, software sorcerers—these folks can breach your digital defenses faster than you can say “patch it up!” 🧙‍♂️💻🔓 #Pwn2OwnVancouver2024

Hot Take:

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the hackers’ annual Olympic Games – Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024 – where the brains with a penchant for breaking stuff got together to turn our tech’s security into Swiss cheese. And if hacking into a Tesla in under 30 seconds doesn’t make you want to wrap your car in tin foil, I don’t know what will. But hey, let’s give a slow clap for the bug busters who just made our digital lives a tiny bit safer (and their wallets a lot fatter)!

Key Points:

  • Security gurus at Pwn2Own 2024 made bank with over $1.1M, showing off their zero-day exploits across a smorgasbord of tech categories.
  • Team Synacktiv nabbed a Tesla Model 3 faster than you can say “zero-day” – and pocketed $200k for their sub-30-second wizardry.
  • The event’s MVP, Manfred Paul, walked away with $202,500 and 25 Master of Pwn points after schooling browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Edge.
  • Despite looking like a buffet of vulnerabilities, vendors have a 90-day head start to patch things up before the exploits go public.
  • Seems like the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) is the fairy godmother of the cybersecurity realm, dishing out over $3.4M in the last three contests.

Need to know more?

When Bug Bounties Meet Fast and Furious

Imagine a world where hacking into a Tesla gets you the car and a fat check instead of a rap sheet. That's exactly what went down at Pwn2Own 2024. Team Synacktiv treated a Tesla Model 3's electronic control unit like a high school locker combo and walked away with the keys and a cool $200k. Who knew grand theft auto (pun intended) could be so lucrative and legal?

Browser Battle Royale

Manfred Paul – the name's now etched in the hall of fame of browser beatdowns. He didn't just exploit Safari, Chrome, and Edge; he practically made them do the cha-cha on command. And for those death-defying browser dances, he bagged $202,500. It's like winning 'So You Think You Can Dance' but for tech geeks.

90 Days of Hide and Seek

Vendors now have a ticking clock soundtracking their nightmares – 90 days to patch up before ZDI spills the beans. Think of it as a game of cyber hide and seek, where the hiders are scrambling to build their hiding spots before the seekers call out "Ready or not, here I come!"

The Fairy Godmother of Cybersecurity

ZDI has been doling out cash like it's going out of style – over $3.4M in three Pwn2Own contests. This isn't your grandma's bake sale fundraiser; it's big money for big vulnerabilities. And with hackers turning in 27 zero-days in last year's event, it's safe to say, ZDI is the fairy godmother everyone in cybersecurity wants a visit from.


In conclusion, Pwn2Own 2024 was a festival of finesse, where elite hackers showcased their artistry, and tech companies took notes on their imperfections. It's a win-win, with the good guys getting the bad bugs and the digital world getting a much-needed security boost. Just remember, the next time your browser updates, it might be thanks to Manfred Paul and his merry band of bug hunters. So here's to the hackers – the unsung heroes who keep our digital streets clean, one exploit at a time!

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