Hack Alert: InfraSuite Device Masters Deserialization Flaw Exposed—Patch Now!

Warning: Delta Electronics’ InfraSuite Device Master might just give hackers the keys to your digital kingdom with a CVSS v4 score of 9.3. Update or risk a cyber belly flop!

Hot Take:

Oh, the joys of deserialization vulnerabilities—because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned remote code execution risk with their morning coffee? Delta Electronics, in a plot twist worthy of a soap opera, has released a version of their InfraSuite Device Master that’s as open to exploitation as a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Brace yourselves, folks, this is the kind of stuff cyber nightmares are made of!

Key Points:

  • Delta Electronics’ InfraSuite Device Master has a vulnerability that’s got the cybersecurity world buzzing like a broken fridge.
  • This pesky bug, known as CVE-2023-46604, has a CVSS v4 score of 9.3, which is basically the cybersecurity equivalent of a scream emoji.
  • Affected products are versions 1.0.10 and earlier, so if you’re using an outdated version, it’s time to panic update.
  • Mitigation involves updating to version 1.0.11 or later, hiding behind firewalls, and crossing your fingers.
  • No cybercriminals have been caught red-handed exploiting this flaw yet, but then again, ninjas are hard to spot.
Title: Apache ActiveMQ, Apache ActiveMQ Legacy OpenWire Module: Unbounded deserialization causes ActiveMQ to be vulnerable to a remote code execution (RCE) attack
Cve id: CVE-2023-46604
Cve state: PUBLISHED
Cve assigner short name: apache
Cve date updated: 11/28/2023
Cve description: The Java OpenWire protocol marshaller is vulnerable to Remote Code Execution. This vulnerability may allow a remote attacker with network access to either a Java-based OpenWire broker or client to run arbitrary shell commands by manipulating serialized class types in the OpenWire protocol to cause either the client or the broker (respectively) to instantiate any class on the classpath. Users are recommended to upgrade both brokers and clients to version 5.15.16, 5.16.7, 5.17.6, or 5.18.3 which fixes this issue.

Need to know more?

Serial Killer or Serialization Vulnerability?

It seems that InfraSuite Device Master was using software that had more holes than Swiss cheese, specifically an ancient version of Apache ActiveMQ that hackers could waltz through uninvited. The affable folks at Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative found this digital Achilles' heel and passed the note to CISA, probably wrapped around a virtual brick.

Worldwide Weeping

The affected products are scattered across the globe, making this less of an IT issue and more of an international incident. Critical manufacturing sectors, grab your cybersecurity blankets because this vulnerability doesn't need a passport to travel.

Update or Upset?

Delta Electronics, in a heroic display of damage control, patched up the vulnerability quicker than you can say "Oops." They released version 1.0.11 in December 2023, which probably comes with a digital pat on the back and a "better luck next time." Still, CISA is wagging its finger, reminding everyone that VPNs are only as secure as the devices they connect to—so maybe don't log in from that sketchy second-hand laptop you bought off Craigslist.

Defense or Defeat?

In a move that's part public service announcement and part Captain Obvious, CISA recommends keeping control systems off the internet—because apparently, some people need to be told that. They also suggest a hearty mix of firewalls, VPNs, and prayers to keep the cyber boogeymen at bay.

Proactive or Paranoid?

CISA is practically yelling from the rooftops to adopt cybersecurity strategies and dive into their treasure trove of resources for defending ICS assets. They've got tips, tricks, and tactics galore, all available for the low, low price of your undivided attention. And if you do catch a cybercrook in the act, be a good netizen and report it to CISA, so they can add it to their scrapbook of digital misdeeds.

Remember, folks, in the world of cybersecurity, it's update or be upstaged. So keep your software fresh and your wits about you!

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