Ghost Photos Reappear on iPhones: The Spooky iOS 17.5 Glitch and Apple’s Silent Fix

Say cheese to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s ghostly photo hiccup! iOS 17.5 played digital necromancer, resurrecting deleted pics and sparking privacy poltergeists. Apple’s fix? A vague “corrupt database entry” line—less explanation, more magic spell. But hey, iOS 17.5.1: the ghostbuster update. Boo! 👻📱

Hot Take:

Is it just me, or are iPhones now performing digital necromancy by resurrecting deleted photos? iOS 17.5 might have been a séance in disguise, but Apple’s patchwork incantation in iOS 17.5.1 seems to have exorcised the ghostly images… sort of. Meanwhile, we’re all here clutching our digital garlic, hoping our embarrassing selfies don’t rise from the grave.

Key Points:

  • Post-iOS 17.5 update, iPhones started a photo zombie apocalypse, bringing deleted pictures back to life due to a “corrupt database entry”.
  • Apple’s patch in iOS 17.5.1 stopped the resurrection ritual without really explaining the sorcery behind it.
  • Cybersecurity necromancers at Synacktiv reverse-engineered the fix and found the deleted photos are still lurking in the iPhone’s shadows.
  • A Reddit oracle cites an anonymous Apple contractor, hinting at iPhones having a penchant for duplicating images in secret digital vaults.
  • Apple insists it’s not spying, but the true spell behind the double-saving of images remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in Cupertino’s cloak.

Need to know more?

Return of the Deleted:

Imagine you thought you got rid of that awkward selfie forever, only to have it pop back up like a bad penny. That's what happened when the iOS 17.5 update turned iPhones into digital graveyards where deleted pictures rose from the dead. Apple waved its magic wand with iOS 17.5.1, but said little about the dark magic at play, citing only "database corruption."

The Plot Thickens:

While Apple played the vague card, the wizards at Synacktiv donned their robes and dove deep into the iOS catacombs. Their findings? The images aren't truly gone; they're just banished to the iPhone's underworld. It seems the migration routine caused this mess, but once removed, the images didn't follow. They're just hanging out in the ether of your device, waiting for their chance to haunt you again.

Double Trouble:

If you're wondering why your iPhone is doubling down on your photos, join the club. A Reddit user's "friend" (who's totally working for Apple, trust us, bro) claims that iPhones sometimes save snapshots in both the Files and Photos apps for mysterious "different factors". But don't worry, Apple's not the Big Brother, they say, and your iCloud is "mostly secure." Comforting, right?

Unsolved Mysteries:

The case of the clone images is still unsolved. We're left scratching our heads: Why the duplication? Why the secrecy? It's like a tech soap opera without the dramatic music. And until Apple coughs up more details, we'll just have to keep guessing or maybe wait for a whistleblower with a penchant for drama.

Stay Tuned for More Drama:

As we all ponder the existential question of why our iPhones are hoarding copies of our photos, remember to keep an eye on TechRadar for the latest on which iPhone will next be the harbinger of digital doom. And in the meantime, perhaps consider if that "deleted" photo is really gone, or just biding its time.

Maybe It's Just a Feature:

Some say it's a bug; others whisper it's a feature. The truth is probably out there, but it's shrouded in layers of Apple's enigmatic design philosophy. Who knows, maybe in 2024 we'll have an iPhone that not only keeps deleted photos but also predicts which ones you'll regret taking. Now, that's innovation!

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