Game Over for Oculus Quest: Meta Ends Support, Forcing Upgrade or Obsolescence

Ready your goodbyes; Meta’s original Oculus Quest is about to become a collector’s item. With an April cut-off for developer updates, Quest 1’s social VR life is essentially over. Post-summer, it’s adios support—time to level up or be left with a vintage paperweight. #OculusQuestEnds

Hot Take:

So, the original Oculus Quest is about to become the tech equivalent of a paperweight, huh? Meta’s swinging the ol’ “out with the old, in with the newer, shinier, and probably more expensive” stick pretty hard. Rip to the OG Quest – it’s like Meta’s telling it to ‘Quest’ off into the sunset…or the garbage bin. Time to pour one out for the headset that couldn’t even make it to kindergarten graduation. 🍺

Key Points:

  • Meta is cutting the cord on the Oculus Quest 1, with app updates ending April 30 and no new apps appearing for the device post-deadline.
  • Don’t fret, Quest 1 owners, you’ll still get “critical bug fixes and security patches” until August, after which it’s a ghost in Meta’s machine.
  • Quest 1 might find a second life in the wild west of SideQuest, where the brave can sideload at their own malware-ridden risk.
  • Console lifespans are mocking the Quest 1 from their decade-long thrones, as the Quest hasn’t even hit its 5-year mark.
  • If you’re dreading the day your Quest 2 gets the same treatment, chillax. It’s the cool kid in the Meta family for now.

Need to know more?

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ANALYSIS: Quest 2's Future – Living on Borrowed Time?

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Article summation by a wistful tech enthusiast who enjoys a side of snark with their cybersecurity news and has a soft spot for obsolete gadgets.

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