From Lemonade Stand to Lemon Grove: Chainguard’s Meteoric Rise in Cybersecurity

Meet Chainguard, the cybersecurity ‘toddler’ that’s all grown up. In just two years, it’s roped in $61 million in Series B funding, securing the software supply chain security for big shots like Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Snowflake. It’s akin to a junior high baller getting scouted by the NBA – only in the tech world!

Hot Take:

Here we are, talking about Chainguard, the cybersecurity startup that’s securing the software production line like an overzealous factory supervisor. Just two years old and already raking in $61 million in Series B funding, it’s like the toddler who sold lemonade and bought the lemon grove. And look at their client list! Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Snowflake are no small potatoes. It’s like a junior high basketball player being scouted by the NBA. Hats off to you, Chainguard!

Key Points:

  • Chainguard, a cybersecurity startup based in Kirkland, raised $61 million in a recent Series B round.
  • The company is focusing on securing “software supply chains,” essentially the software production line of a company.
  • Chainguard’s annual recurring revenue has tripled in just six months. Not bad for a two-year-old, huh?
  • Clients of the company include big names such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Snowflake.
  • The startup was founded by industry veterans, including a former Microsoft and Google engineer.

Need to know more?

Chainguard: The Cybersecurity Toddler with a Big Wallet

Chainguard may be a toddler in the landscape of cybersecurity startups, but it's certainly not playing in the sandbox. The Kirkland-based outfit has raised a whopping $61 million in its Series B round. That's enough to buy a lot of cybersecurity lollipops and still have change left over for a couple of techy tricycles.

Securing the Software Conveyor Belt

Chainguard's focus is on securing what's known as the "software supply chain." In simpler terms, they're keeping an eagle eye on a company's software production line, ensuring no unwanted malware sneaks in. It's like having a cyber bouncer at your software club, only instead of ejecting unruly patrons, they're tossing out potential security threats.

Climbing the Revenue Ladder

Chainguard isn't just playing around when it comes to its financials. In the past six months, the startup's annual recurring revenue has tripled. That's like your tech-savvy nephew starting with a lemonade stand and ending up owning a Starbucks franchise.

Big-Name Clients

The client list of Chainguard reads like an invite list to an exclusive Silicon Valley party. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Snowflake are among the companies that have entrusted their software supply chain security to this toddler of a startup. Quite the vote of confidence!

Steered by Industry Veterans

Chainguard's founders are no rookies. The team includes a former Microsoft and Google engineer, making them a formidable player in the cybersecurity field. It's like having LeBron James on your high school basketball team.
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