From Cyber Noobs to Security Pros: Turning Small Businesses into Digital Fortresses

Small Business Cybersecurity Conference at Penn State Hazleton is no joke. It’s like a superhero saga, but with more code and less spandex. Brace for a cyber storm as law enforcement and information security experts share their insights. So, grab your digital umbrellas, it’s about to get torrential in the world of cybersecurity!

Hot Take:

Small businesses, brace yourselves! Cybersecurity is not just for the big boys in Silicon Valley anymore. Forget about the weather forecast, Penn State Hazleton is hosting a conference that’s all about predicting and preparing for cyber storms. From law enforcement to information security risks, this conference is bringing the big guns to help small businesses suit up against cyberattacks. So, grab your digital umbrellas because it’s about to get torrential!

Key Points:

  • Penn State Hazleton is hosting the Cybersecurity for Small Business Conference on Nov. 15, as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.
  • The conference is aimed at equipping small businesses with the necessary knowledge to fend off potential cyberattacks.
  • Experts from law enforcement, information security risk, and organizational security will share their insights on how to handle cyber threats.
  • Conference attendees can choose to participate in person, watch from the Hazleton LaunchBox, or view the event remotely via Zoom.
  • The keynote address, “Law Enforcement Response to Emergent Cybersecurity Challenges,” will be delivered by Bloomsburg Police Chief Scott Price.

Need to know more?

No More Playing Small in Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity for Small Business Conference is a significant event aimed at transforming small businesses into cyber fortresses. The conference will delve into the expected damage from potential cyberattacks, the impact of cybersecurity on entrepreneurship, and why small businesses are often easy prey for cyber villains.

Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity - An Unlikely Duo

Bloomsburg Police Chief Scott Price will be spinning an intriguing tale about the challenges law enforcement faces in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity. He’ll also share some real-life cyber horror stories and discuss the development of the Pennsylvania Cybersecurity Threat and Intelligence Communications Unit. It’s like a superhero comic book, but with a lot more code and a lot less spandex.

The Cybersecurity Fairy Godmother

Ellen Raineri, a teaching professor with a knack for information assurance and security, is the mastermind behind this conference. After receiving funding through a grant proposal, she pulled together this event to help small businesses defend themselves in the digital realm. She’s basically the fairy godmother of cybersecurity, but instead of a magic wand, she’s wielding state-of-the-art security knowledge.

Global Entrepreneurship Week - A Celebration of Innovation and Security

The conference is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week at Penn State, a weeklong celebration of Penn State's relationship with the entrepreneurial community. The week features presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities geared towards local entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, and innovators. It’s like a big party, but with a lot more talk about firewalls and encryptions.