Fluffy Justice: Gay Furries Hack Far-Right Outlet in Trans Rights Crusade

When furries fight back with flair! A ‘gay furry’ hacker collective crashes a transphobic media outlet’s party—deleting data and delivering digital justice. #OpTransRights2 just got fur-ocious! 🐾💥

Hot Take:

When life gives you furries, you get… “hacktivism”? In a world where far-right media outlets get a taste of their own bitter medicine, a band of merry furries has decided to claw their way through transphobia with a hack-and-slash approach. If this doesn’t scream “modern Robin Hood with a tail,” I don’t know what does. Just remember, when you mess with the queer, you get the horns…or in this case, the paws!

Key Points:

  • A furry hacker collective, SiegedSec, has breached “Real America’s Voice,” a far-right media outlet.
  • They’ve exposed personal info of 1,200+ people, including names, phone numbers, and emails.
  • The data dump reportedly includes details on the outlet’s top talent—Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, and Ted Nugent.
  • This cyber-raid is part of #OpTransRights2, targeting transphobia and its perpetrators.
  • Previously, SiegedSec hacked a church and splurged on inflatable sea lions using its Amazon account.

Need to know more?

Furry Vengeance

Imagine a world where your favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters serve up a plate of cold, hard justice. That's essentially what happened when SiegedSec, the group that could out-cuddle the competition, decided to hack a far-right media outlet. The Daily Dot verified the hack, but the extent of the digital devastation remains as mysterious as the dark side of the moon—or the dark side of a furry convention.

Paws for a Cause

These aren't your average hacktivists; they're fabulously furry and fighting transphobia one byte at a time. The hack is a sparkling jewel in the crown of #OpTransRights2, a glittering crusade against anti-trans rhetoric. It's like if your cat decided to stop knocking things off your desk and started knocking down bigots' firewalls instead.

Church of the Holy Sea Lion

Before tackling the media outlet, these furries had already made a splash by infiltrating a church's website, doxxing its pastor, and, because why not, treating themselves to a shopping spree of inflatable sea lions. If that's not a party, I'm not sure what is. Maybe they're planning the world's first underwater furry convention? Stay tuned.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Data

The group's Telegram manifesto is a snappy comeback to anyone who dares to side-eye their methods. According to them, they're just giving bigots a taste of their own medicine. It's like saying, "Oh, you think we're a menace to society? Hold my beer—and watch me hack into your life." It's a digital middle paw to the face of hate.

Locks, Stocks, and Two Smoking Phones

And just when you thought it couldn't get more wild, these furry vigilantes have left us with a furry paw-thought: Android phones might just be the master key to your hotel room door. It's almost as if they're saying, "We can hack into your media, your church, and even your vacation. Nowhere is safe when justice has fur!"

So, there you have it: a tale of tails, tech, and trans rights. In a world where the keyboard is mightier than the sword, these furries are not just playing dress-up; they're dressing down the forces of hate with style, sass, and a hint of sea lion squeak. Call it what you will, but one thing's for sure—the furries are on the prowl, and they're not kitten around.

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