Filigran’s OpenCTI Platform: The Cybersecurity Game-Changer Raising €15M to Outsmart Digital Threats!

In a digital world where cyber threats lurk behind every click, Parisian startup Filigran raises a whopping €15M to fortify its open-source cybersecurity arsenal. Get ready, hackers—OpenCTI’s coming for you, in style! 🛡️💻✨ #CybersecurityUnleashed

Hot Take:

Move over, secret agents and shadowy figures lurking in cyberspace, Filigran is bringing the open-source sizzle to the cybersecurity BBQ! With a hefty €15 million in their back pocket, they’re not just throwing a party—they’re crafting an entire festival of threat management tools that anyone from the FBI to your local geek squad can groove to. OpenCTI is their headline act, and it’s hitting those threat intel notes like a pro. Get ready to connect, visualize, and strategize your way to a safer digital tomorrow! Or at least a less chaotic one.

Key Points:

  • Filigran’s OpenCTI platform is getting cyber defenders jazzed up with its open-source, data-rich threat intelligence ecosystem.
  • With a €15 million cash infusion, led by Accel, Filigran is poised to add more cybersecurity hits to its playlist.
  • The platform has become a cybersecurity VIP, offering an alternative to established acts like ThreatQuotient, Anomali, and EclecticIQ.
  • OpenCTI isn’t just a solo act; it’s part of a suite of products that aim to be the cybersecurity equivalent of a supergroup.
  • The company’s growth chart is set to soar from a side project to a 70-employee enterprise by year’s end, with a U.S. expansion on the horizon.

Need to know more?

From Humble Beginnings to Cyber Stardom

Once upon a time, in the land of baguettes and berets, two cyber musketeers, Samuel Hassine and Julien Richard, kicked off an open-source side hustle called OpenCTI. Little did they know, their brainchild would skyrocket from a GitHub sensation with over 4,000 stars to a cybersecurity celebrity with heavy hitters like Marriott and the FBI on its fan list. Now, with more than a hundred clients snapping up tickets to the OpenCTI show, Filigran is ready to take their act on a global tour.

The Main Attraction: OpenCTI

Picture this: a platform so savvy, it lets cybersecurity aficionados pull in threat data from every corner of the digital universe into one, easy-to-navigate interface. OpenCTI is all about that modular lifestyle, letting users hook up with connectors for all the intel they can handle, courtesy of data providers like CrowdStrike and SentinelOne. It's like having a backstage pass to every concert in town, with visualizations that turn complex data into a main stage performance.

The Next Big Hits: Filigran's Suite of Cybersecurity Anthems

But wait, there's more! Filigran isn't content with just one chart-topper. They're in the studio, mixing up a whole album of cyber tunes. OpenBAS, their attack simulation track, is already dropping beats, helping companies rehearse their cyber defense moves against phishing hooks and spammy lyrics. This suite of tools, dubbed the XTM Suite, is designed to be a holistic concert experience, with each product dropping its own unique sound but creating a harmonious festival when played together.

The Tour Bus is Filling Up

What started as a two-man gig has rapidly expanded into a full-blown ensemble. Filigran's team is set to double in size, with plans to set up a merchandise stand (read: office) in the U.S. and hit that sweet 70-headcount note. They're recruiting roadies, techies, and maybe even groupies to join the party. So, if you're ready to rock the cybersecurity world, Filigran's bandwagon might be your next stop!


As the cybersecurity landscape keeps hitting us with new riffs and rhythms, Filigran's suite of open-source tools aims to make sure we're all keeping tempo. With OpenCTI leading the charge, the startup is turning up the volume on threat management. So get your lighters (or phones) out, because this show is just getting started, and if Filigran has its way, it's going to be a headliner in the industry's festival lineup for years to come.

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