Feasting on Fidelity: How a Cyberattack Turned FNF’s Thanksgiving into a Data Leak Dinner Party

Fidelity National Financial served up a data breach feast this Thanksgiving, leaking the info of 1.3 million customers. The ‘Fidelity National Financial Hack’ saw the company play host to the notorious ALPHV, also known as BlackCat, in a digital game of cat and mouse. It’s clear that Fidelity’s data security is more turkey than Fort Knox.

Hot Take:

Apparently, “Fidelity” in Fidelity National Financial doesn’t extend to keeping your data secure. The company let slip the personal info of 1.3 million customers in a cyberattack, turning their week-long outage into a full-blown data leak fiesta. It’s like they decided to invite hackers for Thanksgiving and served up a delightful, tech-infused stuffing of sensitive customer data. As for the hackers, known as ALPHV, they seem to be playing a twisted game of “cat and mouse”, or should we say “BlackCat and FNF”.

Key Points:

  • Fidelity National Financial (FNF) suffered a cyberattack in November, resulting in the theft of 1.3 million customers’ data.
  • FNF confirmed the breach but did not specify what type of customer data was stolen.
  • The company was offline for a week due to the attack, causing a significant interruption to their services.
  • The ransomware gang ALPHV, also known as BlackCat, claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • FNF is one of several corporations in the mortgage and loan industry targeted by cyberattacks recently.

Need to know more?

Thanksgiving Special: Data Leak

Fidelity National Financial had a rough Thanksgiving week, not because of any turkey mishaps, but due to a cyberattack that saw data from 1.3 million customers being pilfered. The company's filing with federal regulators was as bland as unsalted mashed potatoes, merely stating that an "unauthorized third-party" had accessed their systems and "exfiltrated" data.

Identity Theft: The new Pumpkin Pie

While FNF was tight-lipped about the exact nature of the stolen data, their offer of credit monitoring and identity theft services to affected customers suggests that the data was personal or sensitive. Essentially, the victims got a surprise serving of identity theft risk for dessert.

BlackCat's Game of Mouse

The not-so-cuddly ransomware gang ALPHV, alias BlackCat, claimed responsibility for the attack on FNF. They used their dark web platform to brag about their exploits and extort their victims, which is the cybercriminal equivalent of posting your law-breaking adventures on Instagram.

Mortgage Firms: The New Cyber Buffet

It seems that mortgage and loan companies are the new "in" thing for cybercriminals, with FNF being one of several victims in recent weeks. One thing's for sure, this cyber buffet doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. So, for these companies, it might be time to invest in some solid cybersecurity measures or risk becoming the next main course.
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