“False Alarm! Microsoft Defender Tags Tor as Malware: A Comedic Tale of Mistaken Identity”

When Microsoft Defender flagged Tor Browser as malware, it turned into a virtual soap opera. With Microsoft playing the overzealous bodyguard and Tor, the innocent, it was a comedic display of miscommunication. The climax? Microsoft lifted the flag, letting Tor Browser resume its digital adventures. Truth is, Tor Browser Microsoft Defender drama was more entertaining than alarming.

Hot Take:

Oh, the drama! The Microsoft Defender, in a bid to be the knight in shining armor, flagged the Tor browser as malware, causing quite the stir. However, it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, with Tor insisting its tor.exe file was as harmless as a kitten. After a round of highly technical “he said, she said”, Microsoft finally agreed to lift the embargo. The Tor browser can now breathe again!

Key Points:

  • Microsoft Defender mistakenly flagged Tor browser’s tor.exe file as a Trojan, causing some serious hindrance to the Tor users.
  • Tor argued that the flagged file was unchanged from its previous version and posed no threat.
  • Users were able to bypass the issue by reinstalling the previous build of the browser.
  • After Tor contacted Microsoft directly, the flag was lifted, and the tor.exe file is no longer considered a problem by Microsoft Defender.
  • The reason why Microsoft Defender misidentified the file remains unknown.

Need to know more?

Defender, The Overzealous Bodyguard

In a world where cyber threats lurk around every corner, Microsoft Defender took its job a bit too seriously and flagged the unsuspecting Tor browser as malware. The Tor users were left confused and frustrated as the tor.exe file was marked as a Trojan, preventing them from using the software.

The Defense Rests

After a bit of back-and-forth, Tor made its case to Microsoft, insisting that the flagged tor.exe file was as harmless as ever. It presented the unchanged file as evidence and Microsoft, like a good judge, lifted the flag, letting the Tor browser off the hook.

The Return of the Prodigal Browser

With the flag lifted, the Tor browser is back in action. Users can now update their Windows Defender and either unquarantine the tor.exe file or reinstall TorBrowser by downloading it from the Tor Project website.

The Mystery Continues

While the Tor browser is back in good graces, the exact reason why Microsoft Defender went all Sherlock Holmes on the tor.exe file remains a mystery. TechRadar Pro reached out to Microsoft for more details, but it seems the tech giant is playing coy, choosing not to respond immediately. Well, what's a tech story without a bit of mystery, right?
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