Exposed: 28,500 Microsoft Exchange Servers at Hackers’ Mercy – Urgent Patch Required!

Crack open the server drama! Nearly 100,000 Microsoft Exchange servers are tiptoeing on the edge of digital disaster, with hackers already playing hopscotch on their vulnerabilities. It’s not all doom and gloom—patches are ready, but will admins hit update or snooze? Stay tuned! 🖥️🔓💥 #MicrosoftExchangeFlaw

Hot Take:

Oh, Microsoft Exchange, you’re like the sieve that keeps on leaking. Just when we thought we’d plugged all the holes, along comes CVE-2024-21410 to rain on our cybersecurity parade. And hackers, you sneaky devils, already throwing a party in the wild with this flaw before the rest of us even got the invite. Dear IT admins, it’s time to play ‘Patch It’ – the least fun game in the office since ‘Reply All Apocalypse’.

Key Points:

  • Tens of thousands of Microsoft Exchange servers are wide open to NTLM relay attacks due to a privilege escalation flaw (read: “VIP pass to Hackersville”).
  • Not all heroes wear capes: Shadowserver spotted almost 100,000 potential sitting ducks, but only 28,500 servers are confirmed to be playing Russian roulette.
  • Germany, the US, and the UK lead the pack in the “Most Likely to Be Hacked” Exchange server category.
  • No PoC exploit for CVE-2024-21410 is public yet, but some enterprising cyber ne’er-do-wells are already on the case.
  • U.S. CISA steps up with a “patch or perish” ultimatum for federal orgs, while everyone else should jump on the Exchange Server 2019 CU14 lifeboat.
Title: Microsoft Exchange Server Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability
Cve id: CVE-2024-21410
Cve state: PUBLISHED
Cve assigner short name: microsoft
Cve date updated: 02/14/2024
Cve description: Microsoft Exchange Server Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

Need to know more?

Exchange Servers on the Brink of Despair

Imagine a bunch of Exchange servers at a party, and CVE-2024-21410 is the uninvited guest who just crashed through the window. This flaw is like a backstage pass for hackers, letting them waltz right in and dance with your data. It's a zero-day that was cool in a "please don't notice me" kind of way until Shadowserver decided to shine a spotlight on it. Now we've got almost 100,000 servers sweating under the disco ball, and at least 28,500 of them are confirmed to have left their doors unlocked.

Geography of the Vulnerable

If this were the Olympics of Vulnerable Exchange Servers, Germany would be taking home the gold, with the USA snagging silver, and the UK on the podium for bronze. But this isn't a sport; it's a map of mayhem, with thousands of servers across the globe just asking for trouble. It's like a buffet for hackers, and everyone's invited.

The PoC-Free Silver Lining

Here's a glimmer of hope: there's no Proof-of-Concept exploit for this vulnerability floating around the dark corners of the internet... yet. It's like knowing there's a monster under the bed, but it hasn't figured out how to open the door. Small mercies, folks. But don't get too comfy, because the boogeyman's already been spotted by CISA, and they've told federal organizations to either patch up or shut down. It's bedtime for Exchange servers, and the nightlight is the Exchange Server 2019 Cumulative Update 14.

The Patchwork Quilt of Security

Let's talk about that life-saving patch, CU14. It's like wrapping your server in a warm, protective blanket, complete with NTLM credentials Relay Protection. Think of it as a magical anti-hacker charm. If you're an admin, you're the wizard tasked with casting this essential spell. So wave your wands, folks, because it's time to patch things up before the hackers start their next tour.

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