Expedia’s Elite Duo Elevates Travel Game: Paredes & Schulze Take the Helm

In a corporate carousel, Expedia Group spins out new roles, with Alfonso Paredes and Greg Schulze at the helm of fresh divisions. Meanwhile, Bumble swipes right on Antoine Leblond as CTO, and Remitly cashes in on new execs. It’s a regular executive shuffle!

Hot Take:

It seems like the tech world is playing musical chairs with top execs again. Expedia’s reshuffle is like a well-planned vacation itinerary, while Bumble swipes right on some fresh C-suite love. Remitly is sending DEI and cybersecurity execs faster than a money transfer, Wing picks an Amazonian for a flight of strategy, and Clarifai and Qumulo get new captains to navigate the data seas. It’s a regular who’s who of “Where are they now?” in the tech executive edition!

Key Points:

  • Expedia promotes from within, appointing Alfonso Paredes and Greg Schulze to lead new operating divisions.
  • Bumble gets a tech boost from former Microsoft exec Antoine Leblond as the new CTO.
  • Remitly beefs up its exec team with a DEI VP and a cybersecurity VP, both with impressive past creds.
  • Amazon’s former grocery delivery guru Nate Milner takes the helm at Alphabet’s drone subsidiary, Wing.
  • Marketing maven Amith Nair brings his talents to Clarifai, and sales star Brian McCloskey joins Qumulo.

Need to know more?

Expedia's Executive Excursion

Expedia Group isn't just about booking your next trip; it's about booking its leadership for the long haul. With a duo of seasoned travel guides, Paredes and Schulze, they're looking to charter new territories within the company. Incoming CEO Ariane Gorin is passing the baton in May, but not before setting up her team for a smooth takeoff. It's like preparing for turbulence before it happens – only with less need for those tiny airplane pillows.

Bumble's Techy Tinder... I Mean, Tender

Over at Bumble, the hive is abuzz with a new techy bee, Antoine Leblond. With 25 years of playing in Microsoft's sandbox, Leblond is now swiping right on Bumble's codebase. And he's not the only one updating his relationship status with the company. New C-suite profiles include a chief product officer, chief people officer, and chief marketing officer. Talk about a power date!

Remitly's Executive Money Moves

Remitly, the digital remittance company, isn't just transferring funds; it's transferring talent into its leadership team. Bobby Wilkinson and Darren Challey are the new VPs on the block, ready to diversify and secure like they're protecting Fort Knox. With Remitly's public status and a growing team, they're sending a strong message: we're here to stay and pay (in more ways than one).

Wing's Latest Pilot

Wing, Alphabet's answer to "How do we get drones to deliver more than just a cool breeze?", has roped in Nate Milner. This former Amazonian is no stranger to delivering the goods, and now he's taking on the drones. While we're not sure if his grocery skills will translate to flying robots, we're excited to see if his drones will ever deliver a perfectly ripe avocado.

The AI and Storage Whisperers

Clarifai and Qumulo aren't just companies with names that sound like exotic fruit; they're also companies that just got some juicy new leadership. Amith Nair, with his fancy marketing pedigree, is set to add some AI flair to Clarifai, while Brian McCloskey hops into Qumulo's storage unit. Here's hoping they find more than just old Christmas decorations in there!

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