Evolve Bank Data Breach: Malware Mayhem as LockBit Leaks Millions of Customer Records

Ransomware ruckus! Evolve Bank & Trust gets a cyber shakedown, losing customer data to the sly LockBit gang. And no, they’re not the Fed – whoopsie daisy, LockBit! #RansomwareGoof

Hot Take:

When malware masquerades as malfunctioning machinery, that’s when you know cybercriminals have more twists in their plot than a daytime soap opera. Evolve Bank & Trust played the lead role in a drama where clicking a link was less “accept terms and conditions” and more “welcome to ransomware hell.” And as for Lockbit’s tall tale about hitting the Fed? That’s the kind of fib that would make Pinocchio’s nose look like a mere pimple.

Key Points:

  • Evolve Bank & Trust got bamboozled by a ransomware ruse after an employee took the bait on a phishing expedition.
  • The LockBit ransomware gang took credit for the caper, encrypting data and stealing customer info like a digital pickpocket.
  • Over 7.6 million individuals are now in the “my data’s on the dark web” club, with Social Security and bank account numbers up for grabs.
  • Evolve Bank turned down the cyber shakedown for a decryption key, choosing to rely on their backups like a cybersecurity prepper.
  • LockBit, the cyber world’s equivalent of a braggart, falsely claimed to have punked the US Federal Reserve—oops, wrong target!

Need to know more?

Hardware or Hijack?

Picture this: a bank gets a digital migraine and thinks it's just a hardware hiccup. Plot twist—it's actually a nasty ransomware attack. That's what went down at Evolve Bank & Trust when they mistook a cyber intrusion for a tech tantrum. The bank's IT crew were the unwitting stars of a "cyber CSI" episode, piecing together clues until they realized it was a malware mayhem moment.

The LockBit Bluff

Enter the LockBit ransomware gang, the digital delinquents who turned Evolve's data into an encrypted enigma. They pilfered personal details with the finesse of a cat burglar and had the audacity to play "ransom note" with the bank. But Evolve wasn't having it. They snubbed the ransom demand, choosing to stand with the resilience of a battle-scarred backup system instead.

Data Breach Bonanza

It's not a party until someone's Social Security Number gets leaked, right? Well, LockBit threw a data breach bash on the dark web with over 7.6 million invites being customer details. Evolve is still sifting through the aftermath, tallying up the virtual victims and trying to put a cork in the data spill.

A Comedy of Errors

And just when you thought things couldn't get more sitcom-worthy, LockBit got their wires crossed and bragged about breaching the US Federal Reserve. A case of mistaken identity, perhaps? Turns out, they'd only hit Evolve, which is kind of like boasting about stealing a cop car when you've actually just nabbed a Segway.

Journalistic Journeys and Cybersecurity Sagas

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