Dive into Innovation: RAIN’s Tech Accelerator Seeks Emerging Startups in Oregon and Washington

Crack the code of tech entrepreneurship with RAIN Catalysts! Their tech accelerator is scouting for 50 innovators—women, BIPOC, and rural brainiacs, we’re looking at you. Dive into a 10-week virtual adventure, and who knows, you might just tech-turbocharge your startup by March 14! 🚀 #TechAccelerator #InclusiveInnovation

Hot Take:

Calling all tech wizards from the land of rain-soaked startups! RAIN Catalysts is dishing out a golden ticket for the underrepresented Einsteins of Oregon and Washington. It’s time to swap your garage for a virtual accelerator and turn those caffeinated code dreams into disruptive tech reality. If you’re a woman, BIPOC, or just plain rural and ready to tech the halls, get your application in before March 14th. Who needs Silicon Valley when you’ve got Silicon Forest, am I right?

Key Points:

  • RAIN Catalysts is launching a tech accelerator for the most brilliant, yet underrepresented, minds in Oregon and Washington.
  • The program is a virtual 10-week tech utopia that won’t cost you a dime, thanks to Uncle Sam’s Economic Development Administration.
  • With 50 spots up for grabs, women, BIPOC founders, and rural tech geniuses are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Whether you’re into AI, IoT, biotech or cybersecurity, it’s an all-you-can-innovate buffet of tech disciplines.
  • Devon Horace, a tech vet and your potential fairy godmentor, aims to diversify tech startup land and catapult your idea to the big leagues.

Need to know more?

The Tech Godmother's Offer

Step aside, fairy godmother, because Devon Horace is in town with a magic wand specifically calibrated for tech startups. This isn't your average "poof, you're a unicorn" kind of deal. RAIN Catalysts is making entrepreneurial dreams come true without the pumpkin carriage—just pure, unadulterated, support and resources for the innovators who haven't yet had their day in the (cloudy) sun.

Not Just Another Coding Rodeo

Let's face it, the word 'accelerator' gets thrown around more than a frisbee at a tech retreat. But this isn't just another chance to slap 'AI' on your resume and call it a day. No, no, this is the real McCoy, a chance to mingle with industry experts and founders who've been around the tech block and are itching to pass the baton to the next Steve Jobs in a Patagonia vest.

A Smorgasbord of Tech Delights

Ag-tech, AI, IoT, biotech, and more—this accelerator is like the buffet of tech disciplines that you've always dreamed of. It's an all-you-can-innovate bonanza where the only limit is your own relentless ambition. Forget being pigeon-holed into one category; bring your cyber-secure robots that farm algae and the RAIN Catalysts will say, "Yes, and...?"

The Underrepresented Take the Spotlight

In a world where startup culture is often as diverse as a 1950s sitcom, RAIN Catalysts is stepping up to the plate to bring some much-needed color and flavor to the mix. They're not just looking for the next white-collar Zuckerberg clone; they're scouting for the hidden gems, the tech mavens who've been coding in the shadows, waiting for their moment to shine.

The Deadline Looms

Tick-tock, the March 14th deadline is creeping up faster than a deadline for a software patch on an exposed server. So, if you're sitting there in Oregon or Washington, on the verge of tech greatness, now's the time to leap off that metaphorical cliff and build your startup airplane on the way down. Just make sure you hit 'submit' before you take the plunge.

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