Discord’s Digital Detox: The Comedic Take on the Malware Cleanse

Discord’s malware prevention measures are less ‘nice and tidy’, more ‘fruit fly lifespan’. With links expiring in 24 hours, it’s a digital detox that might leave developers and external sharers in the dust. But hey, maybe that’s just the price of a malware-free Discord. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness, right?

Hot Take:

Discord is going all Marie Kondo on its platform by tidying up links every 24 hours in an effort to fight malware. Goodbye dusty old links, hello fresh, daily regenerations! While it sounds like a spring cleaning dream come true, it’s not all daisies and sunshine for developers and anyone sharing content outside of Discord. The only “joy” here might be for Discord, as it attempts to sweep malware right out of its digital door.

Key Points:

  • Discord is planning to refresh links to files hosted on its platform every 24 hours to combat malware.
  • The change, expected to roll out by the end of the year, won’t impact users sharing content within Discord as links will be refreshed automatically.
  • However, links shared outside Discord will cease to work a day after they’re regenerated.
  • More details are to be shared with developers, who are expected to experience minimal impact.
  • The move comes after cybersecurity company Trellix reported finding around 10,000 malware samples on Discord’s content delivery network.

Need to know more?

Discord's Digital Detox

Discord is giving its platform a much-needed detox by introducing daily link refreshes. It's like a juice cleanse for the platform, but instead of ridding the body of toxins, it's ridding the platform of malware. These changes are expected to roll out by the end of the year, so prepare for a fresher, cleaner Discord experience.

Link Lifespan: 24 Hours

In the new Discord world, links will have the lifespan of a fruit fly – 24 hours! But worry not, links shared within Discord will be automatically regenerated. It’s the outside world that will face the brunt of this change, as links shared externally will stop working a day after they're regenerated. It's like Cinderella's carriage, but instead of turning into a pumpkin, the links just...die.

Developers and the Discord Change

Discord has promised to share more details with developers in the coming weeks, who are expected to only experience minimal impact. Let's hope this minimal impact doesn't mean maximum headaches for developers trying to navigate the platform's new rules.

The Malware Menace

This move is Discord's response to a report by cybersecurity firm Trellix, which found around 10,000 malware samples on Discord's content delivery network. It seems Discord has taken the saying "cleanliness is next to godliness" quite seriously, as it attempts to sweep its platform clean of any malware mischief.
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