Discord’s Cinderella Move: Turning Malware Pumpkins to Midnight URLs!

Dancing to the tune of anti-malware measures, Discord is introducing temporary file links. These Cinderella-like links, apt for sharing content outside the platform, will turn back into plain old pumpkins (URLs) after 24 hours. This move is Discord’s way of saying, ‘You can’t use me as your makeshift file hosting service anymore!’

Hot Take:

Discord, the popular chat platform, is taking a swing at malware by turning links into pumpkins after 24 hours. This Cinderella-style approach is meant to curb the use of Discord as a makeshift file hosting service and reduce the platform’s malware problem. Users looking to share content outside of Discord will have to find a new carriage or face their links turning back into common URLs at the stroke of midnight!

Key Points:

  • Discord is implementing temporary file links that expire after 24 hours for content shared outside the platform.
  • The move aims to crack down on malware and limit the use of Discord as an unofficial file hosting service.
  • Link expiration won’t affect content shared within Discord; it’s business as usual there.
  • The change will aid Discord’s safety team in restricting access to flagged content and reducing malware distribution.
  • Discord recommends users seeking a file hosting service to look elsewhere.

Need to know more?

Discord's Anti-Malware Waltz

Discord is taking a determined step in the anti-malware dance. The platform plans to introduce temporary file links that, much like Cinderella's magical carriage, will expire after 24 hours. But don't worry, within the Discord kingdom, everything stays the same. It's only when you cross the boundary and share content outside the platform that the clock starts ticking.

The Unofficial File Hosting Party is Over

Discord has been a popular place for users to host files and share links. But with this new move, the unofficial file hosting party is about to end. The platform is essentially saying, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" to those using Discord as a makeshift file hosting service.

Discord: Not Your Personal CDN

The change is not just about keeping the platform clean from malware. It's also a nudge for users to use a more suitable service for file hosting. So, if you've been using Discord as your personal CDN, it's time to pack your bags and look for a new home.

Castle Discord Stays the Same

Inside the Discord castle, nothing changes. Content posted and shared within Discord itself will remain unaffected. So, you can continue your chats, game planning, and meme sharing as usual. It's only the outsiders who need to watch the clock!
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