DEF CON Ditched: Caesars Cancels Hacker Heaven, Forces Legendary Conference to Level Up at a New Venue

In a “strategy change” twist, Caesars plays its hand, cancelling DEF CON’s booking. Hackers, once kings of the casino floor, now find themselves without a kingdom. But fear not, DEF CON 32 levels up to the Las Vegas Conference Center. Get ready for hacking hijinks with more space and less slot machines!

Hot Take:

Did hell freeze over? Pigs fly? No, but close enough – DEF CON got booted from its long-time Vegas haunt, and it wasn’t even for hacking the slots or turning the Bellagio fountains into a giant game of Tetris. In the twistiest twist since a pretzel met a Möbius strip, Caesars Entertainment pulled a magic trick and made DEF CON’s booking disappear. Abracadabra, folks – welcome to the biggest infosec disappearing act of the year!

Key Points:

  • DEF CON, the hacker equivalent of the Olympics, just got ghosted by Caesars Entertainment without so much as a “It’s not you, it’s me.”
  • The infamous conference is now making a pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Conference Center, probably to commune with the spirits of conferences past.
  • Casino conundrum: DEF CON attendees are like kryptonite to slot machines, apparently too savvy to gamble away their hard-earned cash.
  • The hacker community is left scratching their collective head, wondering if the “strategy change” excuse is code for “We can’t handle your awesomeness.”
  • DEF CON’s scramble for space is the plot twist we didn’t know we needed in 2023, proving that not all evictions end in a buddy comedy road trip.

Need to know more?

The Great DEF CON Eviction Mystery

Here's a story that'll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about hotel bookings. The granddaddy of hacking conferences, DEF CON, has been unceremoniously dumped by its longtime partner-in-crime, Caesars Entertainment. It's like being broken up with via Post-it note, but with more legalese and less "Sex and the City" flair. Jeff Moss, also known as the cyber oracle Dark Tangent, is as baffled as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. No reason, no rhyme, just "strategy change" – which is corporate speak for "We’re not telling."

The DEF CON Diaspora

With the sudden eviction, DEF CON found itself homeless, wandering the neon wilderness of Las Vegas in search of shelter. But fear not, for this band of keyboard warriors is nothing if not resourceful. They've managed to secure the Las Vegas Conference Center, which, unlike their old digs, actually has a food court. That’s right, folks – hackers need to carb-load too! And it's not just any food court; it's a "proper" one, presumably meaning you can get a taco inside a burger wrapped in a pizza, as the hacker gods intended.

Revenge of the Nerds

Why would Caesars Entertainment ditch such a lucrative event? Well, turns out DEF CON attendees are to gambling what garlic is to vampires. They just don't mix. These brainy bunch prefer the glow of a laptop screen to the seductive twinkle of slot machines, much to the chagrin of casino floor managers everywhere. Their response to accusations of frugality? "That's because we studied math at school." Ouch. That's a burn that no amount of Vegas glitz can soothe.

Will the Real Strategy Change Please Stand Up?

Let's not forget the past shenanigans that might have soured the relationship between DEF CON and Caesars. There was that time in 2018 when a joke about hacking got a key speaker banned faster than you can say "SQL injection." And who could ignore last year's bomb scare, perfect for spicing up an otherwise dull conference day. Maybe Caesars just decided that the DEF CON crowd was a little too hot to handle.

The Plot Twist We All Needed

In a world where stability is as reliable as a chocolate teapot, the DEF CON eviction saga is the plot twist we deserve. It's got drama, mystery, a touch of anarchy, and the promise of a fresh start. As DEF CON prepares for its next chapter, one thing's for sure – this adventure will be one for the hacking history books, or at least a riveting mini-series on the perils of conference planning. So here's to DEF CON 32, may it be as unpredictable and enlightening as a quantum computer at a tarot card reading.

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