Cybersecurity Upgrade: Gcore Acquires StackPath for Enhanced Edge Protection

Gcore plays digital knight in shining armor, acquiring StackPath’s WAAP to bolster cyber fortresses everywhere. Soon, your web apps and APIs will be safer than a squirrel’s secret nut stash. Financial deets? Hush-hush, but the cyber-sec upgrade’s ETA is Q3 2024. Stay tuned, stay secure!

Hot Take:

It’s like a superhero team-up but for cybersecurity: Gcore acquires StackPath’s WAAP, and together they’re ready to shield the digital realm from the pesky villains of the web. With their powers combined, they’re like the Avengers of API protection, because let’s face it, in a world where your toaster can DDoS you, we need all the help we can get!

Key Points:

  • Gcore flexes its cyber-muscles by acquiring StackPath’s WAAP solution, aiming to beef up security offerings.
  • StackPath’s tech will slot into Gcore’s lineup like a missing puzzle piece, promising enterprise-grade security bliss.
  • Web applications and APIs are the digital equivalent of celebrity targets for cybercriminals, constantly under attack.
  • Verizon and Barracuda’s reports are like the cybersecurity version of “Mean Girls” burn book, exposing the victims and the extent of the damage.
  • The financial terms of the deal are as secretive as a spy’s diary – no peeking allowed!

Need to know more?

Strategic Security Shopping Spree

Gcore, not content with just being a global edge AI and cloud showoff, has decided to up its cybersecurity game. The company has gone shopping and picked up StackPath's WAAP from the cybermarket. The acquisition is like a gym membership for their security offerings, promising to bulk up their defenses with a web application firewall on steroids, API security that could probably crack the Enigma, bot protection that makes bots go "I'll be back" (but they won't), and Layer-7 DDoS mitigation that's like a bouncer for the internet.

The Cybercriminal Hit List

Web applications and APIs might as well have a bullseye on them, considering they're the it-girls of the cyber-attack world. Verizon's latest report is like the paparazzi, highlighting that these poor apps are in 80% of the security incidents' snapshots. And Barracuda? They've been swatting away attacks like flies at a BBQ, with over a billion attacks in December alone. No wonder IT pros are betting on web app attacks as the cybercrime jackpot, with APIs trailing just behind like a trusty sidekick.

The Invisible Price Tag

While Gcore and StackPath are probably shaking hands and popping champagne, the rest of us are left guessing the price of this cybersecurity matrimony. The financial details are under tighter wraps than a CIA document, making us wonder if we need to hire a super-sleuth to figure out the cost of this acquisition. But the real question is, will this union be worth the mystery bucks?

Protective Gear for the Digital Age

Let's face it, with tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 sitting in the web app arena, protecting these digital playgrounds has become as crucial as sunscreen on a beach day. Gcore's acquisition is like investing in a full-body armor suit for the digital world, ensuring that we can keep typing away on our spreadsheets without the looming threat of a cyber-tan.

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