Cybersecurity Sleepover: Egypt Schools Nigeria in Building Digital Fort Knox

When Egypt isn’t constructing pyramids, they’re building cybersecurity frameworks for Africa. With fewer pillow fights and more technical jargon, it’s a cybersecurity sleepover! A Nigerian delegation learning the ropes from the Central Bank of Egypt – all in the name of bolstering African Financial Sector Cybersecurity. It’s like a digital fort Knox, sans gold.

Hot Take:

When Egypt isn’t busy building pyramids, they’re constructing cybersecurity frameworks for other African nations. The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) recently played host to a Nigerian delegation, hoping to learn a thing or two from Egypt’s robust cybersecurity infrastructure. It’s like a cybersecurity sleepover, but with fewer pillow fights and more technical jargon.

Key Points:

  • The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) hosted a technical team from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to share knowledge on cybersecurity.
  • The Nigerian team learned from the Egyptian experience in setting up and operating a sectoral Computer Incident Response Team (EG-FinCIRT).
  • The visit aimed to improve bilateral coordination and cooperation in mitigating cyberspace threats to Africa’s digital infrastructure.
  • The Central Bank of Nigeria is keen to develop its own security strategy for Nigerian financial sector institutions.
  • This is the second time an African Central Bank delegation visited EG-FinCIRT this year, highlighting CBE’s leading role in African cybersecurity.

Need to know more?

Sharing is Caring

The Nigerian delegation didn't fly to Egypt just for the pyramids, but for a two-day crash course in cybersecurity from the pros at Egypt's EG-FinCIRT. Intensive learning sessions included lessons in detection, response, and mitigation of cyber attacks – all the fun stuff.

A Strategy for the Future

Dr. Sherif Hazem, CBE’s Sub-Governor for the Cyber Security Sector, highlighted Egypt’s strategy to enhance cybersecurity in the financial and banking sectors, aligning with plans to transition into a cashless society. It's like a digital fort Knox, but instead of gold, they're protecting your online transactions.

Building Bridges

Ibrahim Mostafa, Assistant Sub-Governor of the CBE and Director of EG-FinCIRT, emphasized the need for stronger partnerships and shared experiences among various Central Banks. This cybersecurity kumbaya moment is all about enhancing technological capacities across Africa.

More than a One-time Thing

This isn't the first time CBE has had guests over. This visit marks the second time an African central bank delegation has visited EG-FinCIRT this year. It seems like Egypt is the popular kid in the African cybersecurity playground.

What's Next?

Egypt and Nigeria agreed to expand cooperation and intensify the exchange of experiences in cybersecurity and national capacity building. In other words, expect more cybersecurity sleepovers in the future.
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