Cyber Sleuths Unmask LockBitSupp: A Comedic Twist on the FBI’s Ransomware Rumble

Keyphrase: LockBit ransomware operation

In a digital game of hide-and-seek, the LockBit ransomware operation’s mastermind, dubbed LockBitSupp, was finally unmasked by the cyber-sleuths at the FBI and NCA. Cue the dramatic takedown and a sprinkle of poetic justice.

Hot Take:

Dmitry Khoroshev, aka LockBitSupp, might need to update his LinkedIn profile because it’s not every day that the FBI and NCA RSVP to your cybercrime party. LockBit’s been playing a high-stakes game of hide and seek, and it looks like the feds just yelled “Olly olly oxen free!” Meanwhile, healthcare giant Ascension is playing their own game of “Operation,” but with less buzzing and more actual hacking. It’s a wild world out there—make sure to update your passwords and maybe don’t click on that email from a Nigerian prince.

Key Points:

  • LockBit’s leader, Dmitry “The Party’s Over” Khoroshev, has been unmasked by international law enforcement.
  • Their data leak site got an extreme makeover: law enforcement edition.
  • Ascension’s IT systems took a sick day, thanks to some ransomware sniffles.
  • LockBit is dropping victim names like they’re hot potatoes – 119 to be exact.
  • Ransomware is the gift that keeps on giving – just ask the 800,000 people affected by the University System of Georgia breach.

Need to know more?

When Cybercriminals Get Grounded

If you were looking for a soap opera in the cybercrime world, look no further. LockBitSupp has been playing the villain role quite convincingly until the FBI, NCA, and their buddies at Europol decided it was time for a plot twist. Now, with his identity splashed across the web like a bad yearbook photo, LockBitSupp insists he's still going to the cyber prom, but we'll see if he actually shows up, or just starts a new show under a new alias.

Healthcare Heist: Ascension Under Attack

It's not just your run-of-the-mill flu season at Ascension. They've caught a serious case of ransomware-itis, courtesy of Black Basta. Ambulances are being rerouted, and doctors are probably missing the good old days of paper charts. Who knew that "taking temperatures" would involve checking server rooms?

Wichita's Ransomware Rodeo

Meanwhile, in Wichita, the city's IT department became an unwilling participant in a LockBit-sponsored rodeo. But instead of bucking broncos, they're dealing with locked-up systems and a hefty $200 million ransom note that might just be the most expensive piece of paper in Kansas.

The Lottery No One Wants to Win

Over in Ohio, the lottery has taken a turn for the worse. Instead of winning big, over half a million people got a surprise no one wants—an exclusive ticket to the ransomware victim club, with all expenses paid by the Ohio Lottery's breached systems.

Georgia on My Mind... And in My Data Breach Notification

The University System of Georgia is getting in on the action, too, with 800,000 people now pondering the eternal question: To freeze or not to freeze their credit? The MOVEit data theft attacks have left quite a mark, and not the kind you frame and put on the fridge.

And that's your cybersecurity news roundup. Remember, friends, in the game of cyber cat-and-mouse, sometimes the mouse gets a global press release. Stay safe out there, and maybe send a thank you card to your local IT security team—they're the real MVPs.

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