Cyber Safety Unlocked: Global Agencies Unveil Secure by Design Tech Buying Guide

Need to cyber-proof your gadgets? Dive into the global cyber squad’s guide to choosing tech that’s secure by design. It’s like a digital fortress for your bytes and bits! #SecureByDesign 🛡️💻

Hot Take:

It’s like the Avengers of cybersecurity teamed up to deliver the ultimate guidebook: “How Not to Accidentally Invite Hackers for Dinner.” The ASD’s ACSC, CISA, CCCS, NCSC-UK, and NCSC-NZ are handing out advice on choosing safe tech like Oprah hands out cars. If only following guidance was as fun as receiving freebies, we’d all be cybersecurity ninjas by now.

Key Points:

  • International Cybersecurity Power Rangers unite to dish out a “Secure by Design” tech procurement guide.
  • The guidance is like a GPS for navigating the treacherous world of digital product shopping.
  • It’s loaded with questions that are basically cheat codes for making informed tech buys.
  • Manufacturers get homework too – aligning their gadgets and widgets to secure by design principles.
  • If you want to geek out on secure by design principles, CISA’s website is your new best friend.

Need to know more?

The Global Geek Squad's Advice Compendium

If you thought picking a secure tech product was as easy as avoiding the ones with "TotallyNotASpyware.exe" in the name, you're in for a treat. The cyber guardians from five nations have assembled their wisdom into what might just be the Necronomicon for digital procurement. It's chock-full of do's and don'ts that'll make you think twice before clicking "Add to Cart" on that shady internet-of-things toaster.

Procurement: The Game of 20 Questions

Remember when mom said, "Don't talk to strangers"? Well, this guide is like mom for your procurement process, only with more questions. It's a veritable inquisition of sample queries designed to make sellers sweat and ensure you don't end up with a Trojan horse when you just wanted a workhorse. Use these questions wisely, and you might just dodge the next big data breach headline.

Dear Manufacturers: Time to Hit the Cyber Gym

But wait, there's more! Manufacturers aren't off the hook. This isn't just a buyer's bible; it's a builder's blueprint too. The guide provides a workout plan for tech developers to beef up their products' security muscles. It's like telling your devices to drop and give you twenty patches before breakfast.

Don't Just Stand There, Do Some Cyber Learning!

For the nerds who just can't get enough of secure by design principles (we see you, and we appreciate you), CISA's website is now your Disneyland. Dive into a wonderland of best practices, design philosophies, and maybe even a few cybersecurity Easter eggs. Be warned, though – you might emerge with the uncontrollable urge to password-protect everything in sight.

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