Costco’s Surveillance Tech Scandal: A Hot Dog in Hot Water

Costco’s “no shoes, no service” policy seems lax when it comes to Lorex surveillance tech. Despite Lorex’s murky human rights and cybersecurity reputation, Costco is still serving up their products. Other retailers have dumped Lorex like a cheap hot dog, but Costco? They’re yet to utter a word on this “Costco Selling Banned Surveillance Tech” fiasco.

Hot Take:

Looks like Costco might be in the same hot water as their cheap hot dogs. The retail giant is under fire for continuing to sell surveillance tech from Lorex, a company with questionable human rights reputation and cybersecurity risks. While other retailers have given Lorex the boot, Costco seems to be ignoring the “no shoes, no service” sign and letting them walk all over their ethical sourcing commitments.

Key Points:

  • US lawmakers have questioned Costco’s decision to continue selling Lorex surveillance gear despite its controversial background.
  • Other retailers such as Home Depot, Best Buy, and Lowe’s have stopped selling Lorex products due to human rights and ethical sourcing issues.
  • Lorex was formerly owned by Dahua, a China-based company accused of profiteering from human rights abuses in Xinjiang, China.
  • Despite being sold to Taiwanese company Skywatch, Dahua still supplies component parts for Lorex, raising security concerns.
  • Costco has been asked to explain how its sale of Lorex equipment complies with US sanctions and its own human rights commitments.

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Costco Under Fire:

Two US lawmakers have turned their attention to Costco, questioning why the retail giant continues to sell surveillance tech from Lorex. This decision seems out of tune with the rest of the retail choir, with other giants like Home Depot, Best Buy, and Lowe's dropping the controversial company like a hot potato.

The Lorex Scandal:

Lorex was previously owned by Chinese company Dahua, a company that landed on the US government's economic sanctions list. The reason? Profiteering from human rights abuses in Xinjiang, a region in China known for its mistreatment of Uighur Muslims. Lorex's sale to Taiwanese company Skywatch doesn't seem to have solved the problem, as Dahua still supplies components for Lorex's cameras.

The Questions Costco Faces:

The lawmakers have sent a barrage of questions to Costco, asking how its sale of Lorex equipment squares with US sanctions and Costco's own commitments to human rights. They're also digging into Costco's sale of seafood from Chinese companies allegedly caught up in forced labor. So far, it seems Costco is doing its best impression of a mute button - there's been no response from the company.
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