Congress Kicks Copilot to the Curb: AI Chatbot Banned on Government Devices for Security Risks

Congress staffers hit ‘delete’ on Microsoft’s Copilot for fears of data leaks. Now, they’ll have to navigate their digital duties sans AI sidekick—Congress says no-go to rogue cloud chatter!

Hot Take:

Looks like Microsoft’s Copilot just got grounded by the US Congressional IT squad for possibly being a chatty Cathy with cloud services. Congressional staff playing with AI chatbots on government-issued gizmos? That’s a Capitol no-no!

Key Points:

  • US Congressional staff banned from using Microsoft’s Copilot on government devices due to data leak concerns.
  • The Office of Cybersecurity fears Copilot could divulge House data to unapproved cloud services.
  • Staffers are still free to use Copilot on personal devices, but Congress-owned Windows gadgets are a Copilot-free zone.
  • ChatGPT faced similar restrictions last year, with only the paid version getting the congressional thumbs up for research purposes.
  • Microsoft is cooking up a government-friendly Copilot with extra security seasoning, pending House office’s taste test.

Need to know more?

The Congressional Copilot Coup

Word on the Hill is that Microsoft's Copilot has been given the boot from Congressional devices faster than a lobbyist at a vegan potluck. In a memo that's probably more hush-hush than a secret handshake, Catherine Szpindor, the House's tech boss, has basically said, "It's not you, it’s your data-sharing habits."

ChatGPT's Capitol Hill Cameo

Remember when ChatGPT tried to waltz onto Capitol Hill and got a "Yes, but actually no" from the powers that be? Turns out, using the chatbot's free gabfest was akin to bringing a floppy disk to a cybersecurity fight—only the paid version was deemed worthy of Congressional strategy sessions.

A White House AI Mandate with a Side of Rights and Safety

The White House, not to be left out of the AI etiquette lesson, recently whipped up some rules for federal agencies. It's like a recipe for responsible AI use in the government's kitchen, ensuring the tech doesn't step on the rights and safety of Uncle Sam's nieces and nephews.

Microsoft's Mission: Make Copilot Government-Grade

Meanwhile, Microsoft is busy in its digital lab, Frankenstein-ing a Copilot that could pass for government-grade. Picture a bot so secure, it wouldn't spill secrets even if tickled by a Russian novel's worth of code. Szpindor and crew will give this super-Copilot a look-over once it steps out of the R&D shadows.

AI in Congress: The Plot Thickens

In the grand narrative of AI assistants mingling with government affairs, this chapter ends with a cliffhanger. Will Microsoft's beefed-up Copilot win over the hearts and devices of Congress? Or will it be left swiping left on security clearances? Stay tuned for the next episode of 'As the AI World Turns.'

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