Commvault Cloud: The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet of Cyber Resilience

Commvault’s new offering, Commvault Cloud, Powered By Metallic AI, is the LeBron James in the game of Cloud Ransomware Protection. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of cyber resilience, covering more workloads across more landscapes. With AI capabilities and a mantra of ‘Recover anywhere’, it’s like having a superhero for your data.

Hot Take:

Commvault, the data protection maestro, is out here playing a symphony on the cybersecurity piano. With their new offering, Commvault Cloud, Powered By Metallic AI, they’re serving up a sizzling hot dish of cyber resilience that covers more workloads across more landscapes than anyone else. It’s kind of like a data protection all-you-can-eat buffet. Their mantra? ‘Recover anywhere’. It’s a bold claim, but hey, if you can back it up (pun intended), why not shout it from the rooftops?

Key Points:

  • Commvault has launched a new cloud-based technology, Commvault Cloud, Powered By Metallic AI, designed to protect data against ransomware and security attacks regardless of its location.
  • The new offering is the only cyber resilience platform built for a hybrid world, capable of covering more workloads across more landscapes with a unified platform.
  • Commvault Cloud allows for data recovery anywhere, be it from on-premises to the cloud, from one cloud to another, or from the cloud back to on-premises.
  • Commvault Cloud incorporates AI capabilities for risk governance management, including threat scanning, and offers a chatbot for interactive communication.
  • The platform is available with different tiers of capabilities, including a ransomware response team for AWS workloads.

Need to know more?

Sweeping the Cybersecurity Landscape

Think of Commvault as the Mary Poppins of the cybersecurity world, effortlessly gliding over the complex landscape of data protection with its new offering, Commvault Cloud. This platform is designed to deal with the modern hybrid world, where data is more scattered than popcorn in a movie theater. Its key feature? The ability to recover data anywhere.

One Cloud to Rule Them All

Commvault Cloud is not just another player in the data protection game. It's the LeBron James of the field, boasting unique capabilities that allow it to cover more workloads across more landscapes than anyone else. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife of data protection, ready to recover data from any location.

AI to the Rescue

Commvault Cloud isn't just relying on old-school methods; it's harnessing the power of AI to fight the good fight against cyber threats. The platform comes equipped with AI capabilities for risk governance management, including threat scanning. It's like having a virtual superhero on your side, ready to battle any cyber-villains that dare to mess with your data.

Recovery Tiers for Fears

Commvault Cloud offers different tiers of capabilities, each designed to suit the specific needs of a business. From foundational protection to autonomous recovery and complete cyber deception, you can choose the level that best fits your needs. And for those using AWS workloads, there's even a dedicated ransomware response team. It's kind of like having your own personal cybersecurity bodyguard.

Partners in Crime...Fighting

Commvault isn't going solo on this mission. They're working alongside partners, offering them the opportunity to sell their service. It's a team effort in the fight against cyber threats, and Commvault is leading the charge with a service that aims to provide comprehensive data protection in an increasingly complex digital world.
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