Climate Change, Internet Trolls and Power-Hungry Tyrants: A Triple Threat Cocktail Stirring Up a Global Storm

“Climate Change and Democracy Transformation” sounds like a mouthful, but imagine it as a bar joke. Climate change, the internet, and rising authoritarianism walk in, the punchline? Our Earth scorched and democracy at stake. It’s like fighting over pizza while the house is on fire, only the pizza is our future and the fire is alarmingly real.

Hot Take:

So, you’re telling me that climate change, the internet, and rising authoritarianism walk into a bar; sounds like the beginning of a bad joke right? Well, it’s not a joke, it’s our reality and the punchline isn’t funny. In her essay, Holly Jean Buck paints a grim picture of how these three forces are colluding to scorch our earth and democracy. It’s not just the wildfires that are flaring up, but also our screens, feeding us with algorithms that cash in on our rage and division while authoritarian regimes take advantage. It’s like that one friend who takes advantage of your distraction while you’re stuck in a heated argument with another friend, to steal the last slice of pizza. Except in this case, the pizza is our democracy and the future of our planet.

Key Points:

  • Rising authoritarianism, climate change, and the domination of tech platforms are creating a triad of obstacles to climate action.
  • Our media ecosystem has monetized our attention, and profits from our hate and division.
  • The internet as we know it is a key obstacle to climate action, promoting false information and creating political polarization.
  • The influence of tech platforms and misinformation is more profound than we realize, affecting our ability to respond to climate change.
  • Instead of facilitating global connectivity, the internet is dividing us into silos and echo-chambers, inhibiting the formation of necessary coalitions for climate action.

Need to know more?

Connecting the Dots

Buck weaves a narrative that connects three seemingly disparate forces – climate change, internet domination, and rising authoritarianism – showing how they act together to hinder climate action. It's like a conspiracy theory, only it's real, and the consequences are far more severe than aliens taking over the planet.

Internet: The Unseen Villain

The internet, hailed as a tool of global connectivity, is ironically dividing us into isolated echo-chambers and silos. It's like finding out your favorite superhero is actually the villain. And this villain is sneakier than most, manipulating our emotions, feeding us misinformation, and keeping us hooked with dopamine hits.

Authoritarianism: The Obvious Bad Guy

Authoritarian regimes, unsurprisingly, are exploiting our division, our distraction, and our misinformation. They're like that classic movie villain who ties the hero up and monologues about their evil plan, only in this case, there's no hero to save the day.

Climate Change: The Inevitable Disaster

And then there's climate change, the disaster flick we're all living in. Except it's not a movie, and there's no Bruce Willis to save us from an asteroid. We're left to grapple with the reality that our earth is warming, and our reaction to it is severely impaired by the other two villains in this story.

The Plot Twist: Our Democracy Is the Pizza

In the end, our democracy is at stake, and it's not just the authoritarian regimes that are threatening it. Our own warped conceptions of democracy, fueled by the internet and misinformation, are trapping us in this dystopian reality. It's like finding out the last slice of pizza you were fighting over has already been eaten, and all the while, the house is on fire.

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