Citrix in a Sticky Syrup: Unmasking the Bug That’s Spilling Corporate Secrets!

The Citrix CVE-2023-4966 Exploitation is like a bad date that won’t stop texting. It’s been hijacking sessions, spilling corporate secrets, and now cyber creeps have a DIY guide on GitHub. Citrix’s sage advice? Assume you’re compromised, patch up, and ghost all active sessions. If only all life’s problems were this straightforward.

Hot Take:

So, Citrix is in hot water again… and this time, it’s not because they’ve added an extra pump of syrup to their latte. Nope, they’re dealing with a rather nasty bug that’s been giving cyber baddies a free pass to corporate info. The bug, more formally known as CVE-2023-4966, has been exploited with a proof-of-concept exploit charmingly named ‘Citrix Bleed’ now available on GitHub. And what’s Citrix’s advice? Assume you’ve been compromised, apply the patch, and kill all active sessions. Easy peasy – if only everything in life were that simple.

Key Points:

  • Citrix has been hit by a critical information disclosure bug, CVE-2023-4966, that affects NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway.
  • The bug has already been exploited, with a proof-of-concept exploit (read: a how-to guide for cyber baddies) now available on GitHub.
  • Citrix’s advice is to assume you’ve been compromised if you’re using an affected build, apply the update, and terminate all active sessions.
  • The bug has been used to hijack authentication sessions and steal corporate info since at least late August.
  • Citrix has received reports of incidents consistent with session hijacking and credible reports of targeted attacks exploiting this vulnerability.

Need to know more?

The Bug That Keeps on Giving

This Citrix bug is the gift that keeps on giving, but not in the way you'd want. It's been exploited and, to add insult to injury, there's even a handy guide for cyber crooks on GitHub. So, if you're using an affected Citrix build, you've probably already been hacked. But don't worry, Citrix has a solution: apply the patch and cancel all active sessions. Now, why didn't we think of that?

Who's Been Hit?

As for who's been targeted, Citrix is keeping mum. But, we know that the bug has been used to hijack authentication sessions and steal corporate info. And here's a little nugget of joy: the bug has been doing its dirty work since at least late August.

What's the Fix?

You'll want to patch that bug ASAP. But remember, a patch isn't enough. According to Charles Carmakal from Mandiant Consulting, you'll also want to terminate all active sessions as they will persist after the update.

What's the US Government Saying?

This bug has made it onto the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) naughty list. It's been added to their Known Exploited and Vulnerabilities Catalog. So, if you're a federal agency or do business with one, you'd best get this bug fixed, pronto.
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