China Ditches Intel & AMD in Tech Independence Power Play

China’s latest tech snub: out with Intel and AMD, in with homegrown chips. Say “zaijian” to Western processors, “nihao” to local silicon swagger. 🇨🇳💻🚫 #ChinaBlacklistsWesternTech

Hot Take:

It’s out with the old and in with the new, or in China’s case, out with the West and in with the rest! Intel and AMD are getting the boot as China swipes left on Western processors. This is like the tech version of “Eat local,” except it’s “Compute local,” and the stakes are a tiny bit higher than your avocado toast’s carbon footprint. As China aims to be the belle of the ball in its own technological dance, we’re witnessing a digital decoupling that could have Silicon Valley shaking in its boots. Or at least in its Birkenstocks.

Key Points:

  • China’s Information Security Evaluation Center has given the cold shoulder to Intel and AMD, favoring domestic chips over Western ones.
  • The approved CPUs list is now an 18-chip parade, featuring local x86 chips, Arm cores, and RISC-V architecture party-goers.
  • Only home-grown operating systems and databases are getting invites to China’s tech party, like Galaxy Kirin Linux and Alibaba Cloud’s PolarDB.
  • Switching from Western tech to homemade gear is like swapping out your entire kitchen while cooking Thanksgiving dinner – costly and time-consuming.
  • China’s digital sovereignty move is shaking up the tech chessboard, potentially checkmating some international relations.

Need to know more?

East Dumps West in Tech Love Story Gone Sour

Once upon a time, China's tech sector cozied up to Western chipmakers like Intel and AMD, building their digital kingdom with these silicon bricks. But alas, the winds of change are blowing, and China's Information Security Evaluation Center has updated its relationship status to "It's complicated." With a document fresher than your morning coffee, dated December 26, 2023, the center has essentially unfriended Western processors, signaling a move toward tech self-sufficiency that has Silicon Valley whispering, "Is it something we said?"

The Local Chip Shop's New Menu

The new approved processor list is like a menu at a hipster café; it's exclusive and locally sourced. The 18 CPUs making the cut are a mix of the familiar and the exotic, with x86 architecture represented by homegrown Shanghai Zhaoxin Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, the Arm and RISC-V architectures are like the avocado and acai of the chip world – trendy and increasingly popular. And let's not forget the operating systems and databases, which are as domestic as grandma's apple pie, ensuring that China's tech ecosystem is as homegrown as it gets.

Renovation Frustration for Chinese Tech

Chinese businesses have been using Western tech like a comfy old couch, but now they're being told it's time for an upgrade, and it won't be cheap. Entire infrastructures need to be remodeled, and it's going to take more than a fresh coat of paint and some throw cushions. This transition is a giant leap for Chinese tech-kind, and without some government love in the form of financial sweeteners, it could be a bumpy ride for businesses. Think extreme home makeover, but for data centers.

Digitally Sovereign or Just Really Into Control?

China's not just redecorating; it's also tightening the reins on its digital kingdom. The Great Firewall is getting some new turrets and moats, with regulatory updates that are changing the way cross-border tech talk happens. It's like your parents installing a curfew right as you turn 21 – a real party pooper move for international tech relations.

Global Tech Tectonics

As China struts towards technological independence, the rest of the world might need to learn some new dance moves. This isn't just a domestic affair; it's a global tech tango that could lead to a reshuffling of partnerships, supply chains, and who brings what to the international potluck. Businesses and consumers alike are waiting to see how this will pan out – will it be a smooth waltz or a cha-cha with two left feet?

And there you have it, folks – China's tech evolution is making waves, and we're all here with our floaties, wondering if it's going to be a pool party or if we're about to hit the high seas of change. One thing's for sure: it's going to be an interesting swim.

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