China Cuts the Cord: AMD & Intel Snubbed from Approved Processor List

Intel and AMD are MIA on China’s CPU VIP list, but homegrown tech’s the new A-list. Say nǐ hǎo to local chips and bye-bye to Western silicon slips! #ProcessorPolitics 🇨🇳💻🚫

Hot Take:

It’s like a high-stakes game of tech musical chairs, and when the music stops, AMD and Intel are left standing without a seat in China’s processor party. Beijing’s latest CPU RSVP list is an all-local affair, and it seems the x86 architecture is only welcome if it’s wearing a “Made in China” badge. Local tech soirees are all the rage, and Western tech is so last season, at least according to China’s Information Security Evaluation Center.

Key Points:

  • China’s latest approved CPU list snubs AMD and Intel, instead featuring local player Zhaoxin’s x86 chips and other processors based on Arm and RISC-V architectures.
  • Chinese operating systems like Galaxy Kirin, Tongxin OS, and Fangde OS get the green light, while Western desktop and server OSes are left in the dark.
  • Local databases like Alibaba Cloud’s PolarDB and Tencent’s TDSQL are in; Oracle and SQL Server are out.
  • The document’s late discovery hints at China’s accelerating shift to homegrown tech, potentially leaving Western tech in a lurch.
  • Chinese companies have a looming deadline to replace foreign tech with domestic alternatives, which could lead to a scramble in IT departments.

Need to know more?

The Great Tech Wall of China

China's tech landscape is starting to look like a garden party where only domestic products are invited to bloom. With a new list that's less Silicon Valley and more Silicon Alley (the one in Shanghai), China is putting its own processors on a pedestal while giving the cold shoulder to American chip royalty.

No Entry for Western OS

Operating systems are also getting the "Made in China" stamp of approval. It's out with the old Windows and in with the new Galaxy Kirin, Tongxin OS, and Fangde OS. It's like a digital dress code, and if your software isn't sporting the right label, it's not getting past the velvet rope.

Database Disco

When it comes to databases, China's tech bouncers are only letting in local names like PolarDB and TDSQL. This party is exclusive, and if your database doesn't have a Chinese ID, it's not on the list.

Late Pass

Why are we only hearing about this now? Well, it turns out even the sharpest tech reporters can miss a beat during the holiday shuffle. And thanks to the Financial Times, this list is now unwrapped like a belated Christmas present, revealing China's plans to swap out Western tech faster than a teenager trades in last year's smartphone.

Tick Tock Tech Clock

With a deadline looming like the final exam week, Chinese organizations are cramming to ditch their Western tech dependencies. But this isn't the first time China has set a tech curfew, and like a rebellious teenager, it might just hit snooze on that alarm once again.

Pun Patrol on the Prowl

In other news, China's pun police are on high alert, cracking down on cheeky wordplay that dares to sass the Communist Party. It's a linguistic labyrinth where a simple typo can turn "alpaca" into political satire. So, better watch those fingers on the keyboard, lest you accidentally outwit the censors.

Data Flow Freestyle

And because China is full of surprises, it's also loosening its grip on cross-border data flows, giving businesses a break from the previously strict export approvals. It seems even the Great Firewall likes to let its data down once in a while.

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