Change Healthcare’s Double Ransomware Nightmare: Cybercriminals Demand More After $22M Payout

In a plot twist worthy of a cyber-soap opera, Change Healthcare’s ransomware saga turns comical as RansomHub, the new digital desperado, jumps in demanding more dough. They’re not your average baddie though—they pinky promise to ditch the data post-payment. Who said crime doesn’t pay… twice?

Hot Take:

When it rains, it pours, and for Change Healthcare, it’s a torrential downpour of ransomware woes. Just when they thought they could cry themselves a river with a $22 million peace offering, another band of digital pirates surfaces, ready to auction off their booty of sensitive data to the highest bidder. AlphV may have taken the money and run, leaving RansomHub to play double jeopardy. In the wild world of ransomware, it’s less about honor among thieves and more about who gets the last laugh while holding the encryption key.

Key Points:

  • Change Healthcare coughed up $22 million to ransomware group AlphV, but didn’t get a pinky promise for their data’s safety.
  • RansomHub, the new cyberbully on the block, now claims they have 4TB of Change Healthcare’s data and are ready to auction it off.
  • WIRED received screenshots from RansomHub that suggest they might not just be bluffing about having sensitive healthcare records.
  • RansomHub insists they’re not AlphV affiliates but seem to have ties to a disgruntled partner from the original heist.
  • Security experts chime in with a sobering reminder: paying ransom doesn’t guarantee your data’s safety; it’s more like feeding a seagull – it just comes back for more.

Need to know more?

Double Trouble in Cyber Town

Imagine surviving a shark attack only to get back to shore and be greeted by a bear hug. That’s Change Healthcare right now, post-$22 million ransom payment. Enter RansomHub, strutting onto the dark web like a cowboy at high noon, claiming to hold the same data AlphV was supposed to delete post-ransom. They've got the receipts – or at least, some convincing screenshots – and they're not shy about their willingness to sell to the highest bidder.

A Plot Twist in the Ransomware Soap Opera

As if the cybercrime scene wasn't dramatic enough, the plot thickens with a tale of betrayal and greed. AlphV might have pulled a classic villain move with an exit scam, leaving their affiliates, like a scorned ex, holding onto the precious data. Now, RansomHub and this mysterious notchy character are stepping into the spotlight, demanding their share of the digital extortion pie.

Lessons in Trust from the Untrustworthy

It's a hard-knock life in the world of cybersecurity, where even the baddies can't seem to play nice with each other. Security experts like Callow and DiMaggio are giving us the stern teacher look, reminding us that cybercriminals are as trustworthy as a two-faced coin. The lesson? Paying the ransom is like trying to win Whack-A-Mole with a noodle; it might feel like progress, but your problems just keep popping up.

The Ripple Effect of Cyber Chaos

Back in the realm of mortals, the healthcare community is feeling the sting of cyber shenanigans. UnitedHealth Group is busy putting out fires, all while medical providers are using personal funds to keep their practices afloat. Physicians are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, cancer patients are in limbo, and the American Medical Association is sounding the alarm. It's a digital domino effect with real-world casualties.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

To add a final twist, RansomHub plays the good cop, bad cop routine, promising to delete the data if Change Healthcare plays ball... again. They claim this data is a hot potato they'd rather not hold onto. But as any seasoned gambler knows, the house always wins, and in the game of ransomware, it's best to assume the dealer's got an ace up their sleeve.

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