Brushing Up on Gaming: Doom Runs on a Smart Toothbrush!

Brace yourselves: “Doom” now runs on toothbrushes! YouTuber Aaron Christophel turns brushing into blasting with a hacked smart toothbrush. Oral hygiene just got epic! #SmartTechSecurityLaughs

Hot Take:

When your electric toothbrush becomes too smart for its own bristles, you know we’ve reached peak IoT insanity. And now that Doom has been ported onto an Evowera Planck Mini smart toothbrush, I’m left wondering if my floss is going to start running Skyrim. But hey, at least your oral hygiene routine can now include slaying demons from Hell – talk about fighting plaque and plaque monsters at the same time!

Key Points:

  • YouTuber and device hacker Aaron Christophel has turned an Evowera Planck Mini smart toothbrush into a gaming console for Doom.
  • The toothbrush’s fancy features like a color display and Wi-Fi connectivity made it a prime candidate for tech-savvy dental disruptors.
  • Custom firmware was installed on the toothbrush’s microcontroller using its OTA update feature, allowing Doom to be loaded onto it.
  • To actually navigate the game, a Bluetooth mouse was connected, mapping the movements of Doom Guy to the toothbrush.
  • This hack raises questions about the security of smart devices, though the ESP32-C3 microcontroller does have security measures like secure boot functionality.

Need to know more?

Brushing Up on Gaming

If you've ever felt the urge to mix your morning routine with a bit of old-school gaming, Christophel's hack is a dream come true. The Evowera Planck Mini is not just for keeping those pearly whites shining; it's a window into the soul of a gamer looking to turn every household item into a potential console. Seriously, when your dental hygiene tool has better gaming capabilities than your 90s PC, you start to question where we're heading as a civilization.

Techno-Teeth Triumphs

Let's take a moment to appreciate the sheer ingenuity it takes to look at a smart toothbrush and think, "Yes, this could run Doom." This isn't just hacking – it's a form of technological wizardry where manual toothbrushes are the muggles of the bathroom. Christophel's magical feat involved exploiting the OTA update system to install custom firmware, proving that even your bathroom gadgets aren't safe from becoming part of the gamer-verse.

The Bluetooth Bites Back

Controlling Doom with a mouse is one thing, but doing it with a Bluetooth mouse connected to a toothbrush? That's a level of innovation that probably has the original Doom developers wondering if they somehow opened a portal to an alternate reality. It seems Christophel's version of Doom Guy is more into dental hygiene than demon-slaying, at least when it comes to his choice of weapons.

Security in a Smart World

The fact that a smart toothbrush can be hacked to play Doom might be cool, but it also sounds alarms louder than your morning alarm clock. Sure, the microcontroller comes with security features to keep your toothbrush from going rogue mid-cleanse, but the hack highlights a cavity in the security of smart devices that needs filling. Side-channel attacks, while complex, are a reminder that in a world of smart everything, we can't forget to brush up on cybersecurity.

IoT Anxieties

As we continue to stuff Wi-Fi and screens into every household item we can lay our hands on, it's important to consider the implications. While we're not at the point where your electric toothbrush will join a botnet and start mining Bitcoin (hopefully), it's a good reminder to make sure your smart home is more fortress and less open house party for cybercriminals. And while Christophel's hack is a fun stunt, let's hope the future of IoT goes beyond doom and gloom for unprotected devices.

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