British Library’s Cyber Whodunit: A Plot Twist Even Agatha Christie Didn’t See Coming!

The British Library is living its own mystery novel with a plot twist – a major IT outage due to a cyber incident. The cyber villains have left library-goers resorting to the prehistoric practice of reading physical books. Who would have thought that in this digital age, the British Library would be taking a trip down memory lane?

Hot Take:

Well, it seems the British Library has found itself in the plot of a modern mystery novel, but instead of a stolen rare book, they’re dealing with a cyber incident. Who needs Agatha Christie when you have invisible adversaries causing havoc with your technology systems? The library-goers might have to resort to the ancient art of reading physical books while the digital world is being fixed.

Key Points:

  • The British Library is experiencing a major technology outage due to a cyber incident, affecting online systems, services, and on-site facilities.
  • The library’s website is down, and Wi-Fi services at the St Pancras site in London are also affected.
  • Phone lines and services at both St Pancras and Yorkshire are also down.
  • Despite the outage, the library remains open with some services available in limited capacity.
  • According to a source, the problem is partly due to major issues with the library’s VMware ESXi servers.

Need to know more?

From Parchment to Pixels

The British Library is known for preserving some of the world's most treasured documents and yet, ironically, it's struggling to keep its own digital systems up and running. The library reported the cyber incident on October 28, and their online services have been playing hide and seek since then.

When Cash is King

While the world is moving towards digital payments, the British Library is taking a trip down memory lane, accepting only cash payments due to the ongoing technology issues. It's like taking a step back in time, except without the charm of horse-drawn carriages and top hats.

Books over Browsing

With Wi-Fi services also affected, visitors will have to give their social media scrolling a break and immerse themselves in the world of books, the old-school way. It seems the universe is conspiring to bring back the magic of turning pages, at least until the cyber issues are sorted out.

Service with a Side of Limitations

While the library is doing its best to keep services running, there are limitations. You can collect your orders, but only if they were made before the cyber Ninjas decided to pay a visit. Oh, and don't expect to order a treasure trove of collection items at the St Pancras site; they're offering them in "very limited" quantities. How's that for a plot twist?

The Story Continues

The British Library, along with the National Cyber Security Centre and cybersecurity specialists, is working hard to solve the mystery and restore the disrupted services. In the meantime, visitors are invited to enjoy the suspense, keep calm, and carry on reading.
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