British Library Cyber-Shushed: An Unprecedented Hack Attack Puts Knowledge on Lockdown

In a plot twist fit for a novel, the British Library fell victim to a cyber attack. Like a librarian confiscating a noisy patron’s library card, hackers have left the library’s digital services in the dark. Who knew hackers had a thirst for knowledge? For now, it’s back to the basics – old school library style.

Hot Take:

Well, it’s not every day you hear about a library getting cyber-shushed! The British Library, home of the world’s knowledge, just got a nasty “cyber incident” that has left its online services in the dark. It’s like the digital equivalent of a library card getting confiscated. But hey, at least they’re still open for business – you might have to check out your books the old-fashioned way though. Who knew hackers had such an appetite for knowledge?

Key Points:

  • The British Library’s IT systems were hit by a major “cyber incident” leaving its website and many services offline.
  • While the Reading Rooms are still operational, no access to digital collections or the digital catalog is currently available.
  • The nature of the attack or how the malicious actors breached the systems is yet to be revealed.
  • The library is working with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and cybersecurity specialists to investigate the incident.
  • Despite the cyberattack, the library’s Fantasy exhibition and public events are going ahead as planned, with cash payment being accepted on-site.

Need to know more?

Libraries - Not Just For Bookworms Anymore

Turns out, even libraries aren't safe from cyber threats. The British Library was hit by a major IT outage on October 28, affecting their online and on-site services. The cyber culprits remain unidentified, as the library is yet to spill the beans on the nature of the attack or how the sneaky intruders breached the systems.

Old School's Back In Session

In the midst of all the digital chaos, the library's Reading Rooms remain operational, and collection items requested before the cyberattack are accessible. However, if you were hoping to access digital collections or the digital catalog, you're out of luck - it's back to the good old days of printed catalogs and cash payments.

The Investigation Continues

The library isn't taking this cyberattack lying down. They're teaming up with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and cybersecurity specialists to investigate the incident. While they're at it, they might want to figure out if any personal or financial information was accessed or stolen during the incident too.

Public Events Unscathed

Despite the cyber drama, the library's Fantasy exhibition and public events are soldiering on. Hope you've got some cash on you though - they're only accepting old-school currency on-site.

Collection Crisis

With over 150 million items in the library's collection, it's a real bummer that the digital catalog is out of commission. Let's hope they manage to dust off their digital shelves soon. Until then, remember to keep it down - this is a library after all!
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