Brick Builder Beware: Critical WordPress Theme Flaw Exposes 25K Sites to Hackers

Think your WordPress theme’s as solid as bricks? Think again! The Brick Builder Theme’s vulnerability might have your website crumbling like a cookie. Patch up to version or risk a hack attack!

Hot Take:

Another day, another WordPress theme with more holes than a colander at a pasta party. Brick Builder Theme users, it’s time to play “Update or Get Hacked.” Spoiler: You really, really want to win at this game.

Key Points:

  • Brick Builder Theme for WordPress has been found to contain a critical RCE vulnerability.
  • The flaw, known as CVE-2024-25600, has a patch available with urging to update ASAP.
  • Threat actors didn’t waste time and have begun targeting unpatched sites post-patch release.
  • Patchstack and Wordfence have observed exploitation attempts rising like bad dough.
  • Despite WordPress’s robust core, its Achilles’ heel remains the third-party themes and plugins.
Title: WordPress Bricks Theme <= 1.9.6 - Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability
Cve id: CVE-2024-25600
Cve state: PUBLISHED
Cve assigner short name: Patchstack
Cve date updated: 06/04/2024
Cve description: Improper Control of Generation of Code ('Code Injection') vulnerability in Codeer Limited Bricks Builder allows Code Injection.This issue affects Bricks Builder: from n/a through 1.9.6.

Need to know more?

When Themes Attack

Imagine a picturesque scene: your WordPress site, humming along, showcasing your content or selling your wares. Then, BAM! A wild vulnerability appears, and it's not here to play nice. The Brick Builder Theme, a fan favorite among 25,000 web builders, turns out to be a Trojan horse with an RCE vulnerability that could turn your site into a hacker's playground. The good folks at Patchstack waved the red flag, and the developers quickly patched up the digital wound.

Patch Me If You Can

The developers of Brick Builder, likely fueled by a potent mix of caffeine and panic, rolled out an update faster than you can say "exploit." They didn't just whisper sweet nothings into the void; they broadcasted an urgent PSA to update to version It was a race against the clock, and as predictable as a rom-com plot twist, the baddies started their onslaught just one day post-patch. Romantic, right?

Measure Twice, Update Once

Let's be real, WordPress is like that popular kid in school: well-liked but always a target for some drama. It's not WordPress itself that's spilling your secrets; it's those chatty Cathy plugins and gossipy themes. The silver lining? If you've bought into the premium plugin posse, they usually get their act together quickly when vulnerabilities pop up. So, if you're rocking a commercial plugin, you're more likely to get a lifeline before your site sinks into the abyss of the internet.

Exploit Season is Open

Wordfence, the digital neighborhood watch, has reported that attack attempts on the faulty theme are as frequent as coffee breaks at an overworked start-up. We're talking at least a couple dozen a day. That's right, hackers are scanning the horizon for your unpatched site like hawks with a caffeine addiction and a taste for chaos. So, if you've been procrastinating on that update, consider this your wake-up call. No snooze button available.

WordPress: A Love-Hate Saga

At the end of the day, WordPress still holds the crown as the most popular site builder on the block. It's like that reliable old friend who has a knack for attracting quirky characters – I'm looking at you, third-party themes and plugins. But fear not, dear web builders, for WordPress's core is as sturdy as a brick house (pun intended). It's just those pesky add-ons that need a good security check-up now and then. Stay vigilant and keep those updates rolling!

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