Bouncing Higher than a Roo: Endace Grabs Top InfoSec Award with Innovative Cloud Threat Detection

Endace, the packet capture prodigies, recently snatched the Top InfoSec Innovator Award for their Cloud Threat Detection Innovation. With their latest gadget, EndaceProbe Cloud, they’re turning cybersecurity on its head – think always-on packet capture with a search engine that’s faster than a kangaroo on steroids. Who knew packet capture could be so spicy?

Hot Take:

So, Endace, the packet capture gurus from Down Under, bagged the Top InfoSec Innovator Award for Most Innovative Cloud Threat Detection Investigation & Response (TDIR) at the InfoSec Awards. With their new toy, EndaceProbe Cloud, they’re serving up some serious cyber protection realness, offering always-on packet capture, a global search engine faster than a kangaroo on a hot tin roof, and instant access to all the juicy data you need. The cyber gods over at Cyber Defense Magazine are all over them, saying they’ve got the right stuff to fend off tomorrow’s threats, today. Who knew packet capture could be this sexy?

Key Points:

  • Endace won the Top InfoSec Innovator Award for Most Innovative Cloud Threat Detection Investigation & Response (TDIR) at the InfoSec Awards.
  • The company’s recent release, EndaceProbe Cloud, is an industry game-changer, offering always-on packet capture, fast global search, and one-click access to relevant data across hybrid-cloud networks.
  • Cyber Defense Magazine commends Endace for understanding future threats, providing cost-effective solutions, and innovating in ways that help mitigate cyber risk.
  • Endace specializes in always-on, hybrid cloud packet capture for cybersecurity, network, and application performance.
  • The open, EndaceProbe Analytics Platform allows customers to record a 100% accurate history of activity across their networks and provides rapid search and analysis capabilities.

Need to know more?

King of the Clouds

Endace is making its mark in the cloud. With the launch of EndaceProbe Cloud, they're setting a new standard for packet capture, making it constantly available, super searchable, and just a click away from delivering the data you need. It's like they put the entire cyber world on a leash, ready to fetch and roll over at your command.

A Nod from the Gods

When Cyber Defense Magazine sings your praises, you know you're doing something right. The magazine's publisher, Gary S. Miliefsky, commended Endace for their forward-thinking approach, cost-effective solutions, and innovative strategies that help businesses stay ahead of cyber threats. It's like getting a thumbs up from Zeus in the cyber world.

No Packet Left Behind

Endace isn't just about capturing packets; it's about making sure every packet counts. The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform provides a fully accurate record of activity across networks, giving customers the ability to search and analyze weeks or months of recorded traffic in seconds. It's like having a time machine for your data, but without the risk of running into your past self.

Fusion Partners

Endace's Fusion Partners offer pre-built integration with the EndaceProbe platform to speed up incident investigation and resolution. Because who wants to spend time piecing together the puzzle when you can have it served up on a silver platter?