Boost Your Cyber Shields: Google’s Advanced Protection Program Now Unlocks with Passkeys!

“Say goodbye to clunky physical keys! Google’s Advanced Protection Program now embraces passkeys, ramping up security for the high-risk VIPs of the web—no hardware necessary. Because when you’re defending democracy, convenience is king!” (Focus keyphrase: “passkey support”)

Hot Take:

Google is pulling a digital Houdini, transforming physical keys into mystical passkeys for its security-abracadabra program. Now, high-risk VIPs can unlock their cyber vaults with a fancy wave of their smartphones, because who has time for physical keys in the age of wireless everything?

Key Points:

  • Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) is now embracing passkeys because physical keys are so yesteryear.
  • APP is designed for individuals at great risk of cyber threats – think 007 but without the exploding pens.
  • Passkeys popped up in Android and Chrome in 2022 and are now playing a starring role in Google’s security ensemble.
  • Over 400 million accounts are putting passkeys to work, clocking in over a billion uses. Slow and steady wins the race?
  • Google’s teaming up with Internews to spread the cybersecurity love across ten countries. Journalists, assemble!

Need to know more?

One Key to Rule Them All

Google's APP had a very "Lord of the Rings" vibe with its "one physical key to rule them all" approach. But let's be real, physical keys are the VHS tapes of security. Now, APP users can choose a passkey, which is essentially the Blu-ray of the authentication world. It's all about that high-tech, pocket-less convenience.

Passkeys: The New Kid on the Block

Last year, Google decided to show off its new shiny toy: passkeys. Think of them as the cool new transfer students everyone wants to be friends with. They made their grand entrance into Android and Chrome, and now in 2023, all Google accounts get to join the passkey party.

Counting the Passkey Beans

Google, the bean counter of the cyber realm, says that more than 400 million accounts have been playing with passkeys over a billion times. That's a lot of beans! However, the mass migration to passkey land is more of a leisurely stroll than a sprint. But hey, quality over quantity, right?

The Cybersecurity Avengers

Last but not least, Google is donning its superhero cape and partnering with Internews. Together, they're on a mission to provide a cybersecurity safety net for journalists and human rights advocates across ten countries. It's like the Avengers, but instead of fighting aliens, they're tackling hackers and trolls.

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