Big Brother Goes Remote: How Companies Are Now Monitoring Your Home Office Environment

Caught in the Act: 44% of companies play Big Brother, tracking how long you’re in your PJs working from home. Meanwhile, IoT gadgets are watchdogs for your wellbeing—just hope hackers aren’t taking notes! #EmployeeMonitoring

Hot Take:

Big Brother’s Work-From-Home Edition is officially a thing, folks. Your employer might not be hovering over your shoulder, but they’re now digitally lurking in your living room—checking if you’re slumped over your desk or breathing in subpar air. And while they’re at it, why not roll out the welcome mat for hackers with a fleet of insecure IoT devices? It’s the 21st-century way to keep an eye on employee wellbeing… and possibly every move.

Key Points:

  • Nearly half of enterprises are monitoring their employees’ home working hours, with a third planning to hop on this voyeuristic bandwagon.
  • Concerns for employee wellbeing have led to a 65% adoption of IoT devices to monitor home office environments. Because nothing says “I care” like a digital nanny.
  • While companies aren’t resorting to downright Orwellian tactics like mouse tracking—yet—they’re happily embracing analytics platforms for monitoring remote workers.
  • The little IoT spies—err, devices—might be well-intentioned, but they’re an open invitation to hackers looking for a network party.
  • Adding to the digital pandemonium, many businesses apparently have cyber hygiene on par with a teenager’s bedroom—messy, and not in a good way.

Need to know more?

Companies Want to Make Sure You’re Still Breathing

Imagine a world where your company cares so much about you that they want to ensure you’re blinking regularly and not developing a Quasimodo hunch. Enter the Trusting-But-Also-Spying-On-You-2024 study by Kinly, which involved a bunch of professionals who probably thought they signed up for a LinkedIn webinar but ended up as data points in a survey about how their employers are turning their homes into high-tech panopticons.

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then We’ll Begin...

Businesses are kitting out home offices with gadgets that would make Q from James Bond green with envy. We’re talking high-tech monitors that tell you to stop sitting like a pretzel and lights that scream "retina damage alert" if you’re working by candlelight. And all of this is supposedly for your benefit. Because nothing says "I trust you" like a device that nags more than your mother-in-law.

IoT: The Insecure Office Thingamajigs

While these IoT gizmos are busy ensuring you’re not slowly turning into a mushroom from lack of sunlight, they’re also potentially rolling out the red carpet for cybercriminals. These devices often skip the whole "security" phase of development in a rush to market, because who needs encryption when you can have a thermostat that texts you motivational quotes?

Cyber Hygiene: The Forgotten Art

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that many companies treat their cyber hygiene like a New Year’s resolution—forgotten and ignored. So when you add a bunch of IoT devices with the security robustness of a wet paper bag into the mix, it's like throwing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) party where hackers are the surprise guests.

From the Digital Pen of Benedict Collins

Finally, let’s take a moment to appreciate the scribe of this tale, Benedict Collins—a man who has transitioned from live-streaming ice hockey brawls to dissecting the cyber battlefield. With a background in security and a passion for geopolitics, he's the kind of guy who can talk weapon exports, NATO, and the intricacies of a powerplay all in one breath. And when he’s not decrypting the world of digital espionage, you can find him in the tranquil haven of a pub garden, probably contemplating his next deep dive into the shadowy world of cyber threats. Cheers to that!

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