Biden’s New Leash on AI: A Hilarious Take on the Taming of the Digital Beast

In a twist of irony, the Biden Administration aims to tame the wild beast of AI with a new AI Regulation Executive Order. It’s like trying to leash a hyperactive Labrador puppy, but this executive order is a serious attempt to make sure AI plays nice with public safety, consumer rights, and national security. Will the Terminator enforce it?

Hot Take:

Oh, the irony! The Biden Administration is trying to put a leash on artificial intelligence (AI), the same AI that loves to run wild and free just like a hyperactive Labrador puppy. All jokes aside, this is a massive leap towards taming the unruly beast. The new executive order reveals the administration’s plan to regulate AI development, ensuring it plays nice with public safety, national security, and consumer rights. I’m just here wondering if the Terminator himself will be appointed to enforce these directives.

Key Points:

  • The Biden Administration is introducing a new executive order to regulate AI development.
  • AI systems that could impact national security or public safety will need to meet new standards and reporting requirements.
  • Companies will have to disclose AI system’s training runs before its release, creating a space for safety verification.
  • Measures will be taken to validate whether the content published by the federal government is AI-generated or not.
  • The executive order also seeks to prevent AI systems from exacerbating discrimination and protect workers from job displacement due to AI.

Need to know more?

RoboCop Reporting for Duty

The administration plans to introduce new standards for AI safety and security. Developers will have to provide reports if their AI foundation models could impact national or economic security. I can already imagine a Terminator-like RoboCop knocking on the door of the developers saying, "Your AI has been a naughty boy. Time for a time-out!"

Trust Issues

With deepfake trickery becoming as common as cat videos on the internet, the White House wants to make sure the public can trust the content it publishes. A watermarking system is in the works so you’ll know if that presidential speech was delivered by Biden or an AI impersonator.

AI, Meet Civil Rights

The new executive order is extending its AI regulations to landlords, federal benefits programs, and contractors to prevent AI systems from playing the discrimination card. The Department of Justice is even developing best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations related to AI. Who knew AI would have its own Law & Order spinoff?

Worker Bees Protected

The executive order seeks to protect workers from job displacement and intrusive workplace surveillance due to AI. Well, that's a relief. No more worrying about being replaced by a robot at work... at least for now.

AI Wanted

In a bid to attract more AI talent, the administration is launching a new federal jobs portal, So, if you've dreamt of working for the government and have a knack for AI, your time has come!
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