Beware the SubdoMailing Scammers: How Trusted Brands Became Phishermen’s New Bait

Beware of “SubdoMailing”! Even Marvel can’t script this massive email heist where hackers spoof big brands, spamming millions with phishing lures. Guard your inboxes, folks! #EmailScams #CyberSecurity

Hot Take:

Oh, look, hackers have gotten crafty again, this time with a new hobby: collecting subdomains like they’re rare stamps and then using them to spam us with the digital equivalent of ‘You’ve won a free trip to Nowheresville!’ But seriously, if this were a heist movie, they’d be the crew that steals the painting just to doodle mustaches on all the portraits. Bravo, cyber scoundrels, for reminding us that even our inboxes aren’t safe from your shenanigans.

Key Points:

  • Spam’s new fashion: Emails dressed up in trusted brands’ clothing.
  • Guardio Labs spots a wild phishing party that’s been raging since at least 2022.
  • Over 8,000 domains and 13,000 subdomains got the dubious honor of an invite to the ‘SubdoMailing’ campaign.
  • ResurrecAds, not a cool DJ name, but the moniker of the threat actor spinning tracks at this spam jam.
  • These digital pirates aren’t after gold; they’re after legitimacy, hijacking domains with the finesse of a cat burglar.

Need to know more?

Spam-a-lot and the Quest for the Cursed Domain

Once upon a time in the cyber realm, a massive spam campaign was born, one that could make even Camelot's knights quake in their shiny mail. Guardio Labs mounted their steeds to joust with this beast, only to find a dragon hoarding not gold, but a labyrinth of redirections and schemes. The treasure? A payload of fraudulent ads and giveaways as fake as the Holy Grail.

The Who's Who List of Digital Impersonation

The spam gala was a veritable masquerade ball, with invites forged in the names of the rich and reputable. From the hallowed halls of Cornell to the virtual aisles of eBay, no name was too sacred for these merry pranksters. It's like finding out the Easter Bunny is just your uncle in a costume — a bit of a letdown, really.

The Daily Spam Digest: Five Million Emails a Day

These aren't your grandma's chain emails; they're more like a daily newsletter of deceit, blasting out at a rate to make any marketer green with envy. Five million emails a day, and not one of them offering anything of value. I guess when it comes to spam, it's all about quantity over quality.

Domain Domination: The ResurrecAds Method

A threat actor known as ResurrecAds (because why not sound like a Bond villain?) has been busy playing real estate agent in the digital domain market. Scouring the internet for subdomains with expired leases, they swoop in to claim these virtual ghost towns, turning them into zombie spam factories. And just like zombies, these emails are hard to kill and even harder to escape.

Passing the Security Bouncer with a Fake I.D.

But how do these emails waltz right into your inbox without so much as a pat-down? It's all thanks to SPF records with the 'include:' option — the cybersecurity equivalent of a fake I.D. It's like saying, "Sure, I'm over 21," when the bouncer's glasses are too foggy to see the truth. And just like that, your inbox is party central for every phishing scam on the block.

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