Beware the Phish: LockBit Black Ransomware Blitz Via Phorpiex Botnet Unleashed!

In a “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” twist, the Phorpiex botnet is playing mailman with LockBit Black ransomware, serving ZIPs of digital doom. Don’t unzip that “photo of you???”—it’s a trap!

Hot Take:

LockBit Black is back in black, and this time it’s phishing for a big catch with millions of emails! The Phorpiex botnet is dusting off its old tricks, throwing a net wide enough to catch a whale—or at least a few unlucky minnows. But never fear, the NJCCIC is here with the digital equivalent of ‘stranger danger’ advice and cybersecurity tips to keep you safe from Jenny’s nasty ZIP ‘gifts’.

Key Points:

  • LockBit Black ransomware is playing the phishing game with a spam campaign that could make Nigerian princes blush.
  • ZIP files are the new Trojan horses, hiding LockBit Black ransomware and masquerading as innocuous ‘documents’ and ‘photos’.
  • A disgruntled dev’s tweet gave birth to these attacks, proving that hell hath no fury like a developer scorned.
  • Phorpiex botnet is the delivery guy, making it rain ransomware from over 1,500 IP addresses worldwide.
  • NJCCIC is the cool teacher giving out life-saving tips on how to dodge ransomware-shaped bullets.

Need to know more?

Phishing Frenzy Featuring 'Jenny'

Picture this: You get an email from a "Jenny Brown" or "Jenny Green" with a subject line that's got you curious. You open it, and bam! It's a ZIP file promising juicy content. But here's the twist: it's a malware matryoshka with layers of digital deceit. Inside that ZIP is a nasty LockBit Black ransomware ready to lock up your files tighter than Fort Knox.

From Tweet to Threat

Ever heard of developers going rogue on Twitter? Well, one such digital tantrum led to the LockBit 3.0 builder being leaked online, and now we've got a full-blown ransomware renaissance on our hands. It's the cyber equivalent of spilling the secret recipe to your grandma's famous cookies—except these cookies will cost you more than a glass of milk to get back.

The Botnet Behind the Badness

Phorpiex botnet, a name as hard to pronounce as it is to deal with. This botnet's been around the block, evolving from a USB-hopping worm to a full-blown email spam machine. It's the villain's lair where all the LockBit Black samples are cooked up before they're served cold to unsuspecting victims.

A Cybercrime Cornucopia

Proofpoint's sleuths have witnessed a veritable banquet of cybercrime, with a week-long all-you-can-phish buffet serving up LockBit Black ransomware to companies across the globe. Phorpiex botnet is the caterer, and it's dishing out millions of emails with a side of data theft and file encryption.

Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts

The NJCCIC isn't just standing by while this cyber saga unfolds. They're like the digital Dumbledore's Army, offering up a list of protective enchantments to shield you from LockBit Black's curses. From endpoint security solutions to email filtering, they're teaching us how to cast 'Protego' on our inboxes.

So, to wrap it up: a botnet with a decade of mayhem under its belt is now playing matchmaker between ransomware and your inbox. The lesson here? Don't trust emails from Jennys bearing ZIP files, and always keep your cyber-shields up and ready. And if all else fails, maybe it's time to consider a good, old-fashioned letter. At least until someone figures out how to encrypt those, too.

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