AT&T’s Data Drama: ShinyHunters Sell Supposed 71M Customer Records Despite Denials

Swipe left on ShinyHunters’ $1M data deal? AT&T says, “It’s not us!” But with a past peppered with breaches, this telecom titan’s denials might just dial up more doubts. #AT&TDataBreachDrama

Hot Take:

Oh look, another day, another data breach! This time, AT&T is playing a high-stakes game of “Not It!” with a hacker named ShinyHunters, who’s basically holding a cyber garage sale with 71 million “allegedly” AT&T customer details. But don’t worry, AT&T has their denial game on point, claiming that massive pile of data isn’t theirs. Who needs soap operas when you’ve got the dark web drama?

Key Points:

  • Hacker ShinyHunters is peddling 71 million “AT&T customer” data records for the low, low price of $200,000 (or best offer).
  • AT&T is channeling their inner Shaggy with a solid “It wasn’t me,” regarding the data’s origin.
  • This isn’t AT&T’s first cybersecurity rodeo; they’ve been bucked by breaches and malware in the past.
  • In 2020, AT&T employees allegedly clocked in some overtime installing malware for a cool $1 million in bribes.
  • The veracity of ShinyHunters’ 71-million-record treasure trove is as certain as Bigfoot’s dinner plans.

Need to know more?

The Internet's Shadiest Marketplace

Imagine eBay, but instead of vintage Beanie Babies, you're browsing through millions of personal data records. Welcome to RaidForums, where ShinyHunters is hawking a database the size of a small country's population, allegedly courtesy of AT&T. The price tag? A mere $200k - pocket change for the right cyber miscreant. And if you're feeling particularly impatient, a cool million bucks will seal the deal instantly. Bargain hunting has never been so illicit.

AT&T's "Who Dis?" Defense

In a twist that surprises absolutely nobody, AT&T has shrugged off any association with this data debacle faster than a teenager denies eating the last cookie. "That data? Never seen it before in our lives," says the telecom giant, despite BleepingComputer's sample analysis saying, "Yup, looks legit." But truth be told, they've been down this road before, with previous cyber shenanigans including a supply chain attack that outed sensitive info of millions.

When AT&T Employees Go Rogue

Turns out, AT&T's security woes have a plot twist that Hollywood screenwriters would envy. Back in 2020, a dynamic duo, Fahd and Jiwani, turned AT&T's call center into their personal piggy bank, doling out over a million bucks in bribes. The goal? Get insiders to plant malware like they're watering office plants. It's the kind of insider job that makes you wonder if they were wearing trench coats and whispering into collar mics.

The Reality Show Continues...

As the dark web drama unfolds, grab your popcorn because this saga is nowhere near its season finale. Will AT&T come clean or continue to play the denial card? Will ShinyHunters find a buyer for their hot database, or will it end up in the cyber equivalent of a pawn shop? Stay tuned, because in the world of cybersecurity, the cliffhangers just keep on coming.

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