Amazon’s Passkey Parade: A Leap Towards Passwordless Future or Just Another Tech Fad?

Amazon’s upping its game with its new passwordless login. No more strings of characters to remember, just your face or fingerprint. Android users, however, might need to sit tight for a bit. The retail juggernaut’s latest move might just be the start of a passkey revolution. Good riddance, passwords!

Hot Take:

So, Amazon’s decided to jump on the no-password bandwagon, huh? Fancy schmancy passkeys are the new black, it seems. The retail giant is making the switch from the oh-so-yesterday password system to the hip and happening passkeys. I mean, who needs to remember a string of characters when you can just use your face or fingerprint? But hey, don’t get too comfy Android users. Looks like you’ll have to wait a bit longer to join the party.

Key Points:

  • Amazon is introducing passwordless logins, instead opting for passkeys that you can unlock with your smart device.
  • The passkeys are stored cryptographically on your device, but can also be used on other devices via cloud syncing.
  • Amazon’s move follows the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft who are also members of the FIDO Alliance, the group that sets the standards for passkeys.
  • So far, only a few services outside of the tech giants have adopted passkeys, including BestBuy, eBay, and PayPal.
  • While some believe passwords will still stick around, passkeys are considered safer as they can’t be phished by cybercriminals.

Need to know more?

The Passkey Revolution

Amazon is embracing the passkey revolution by offering passwordless logins. You won't have to remember any codes, as they're generated automatically. They're also considered safer than traditional passwords because, well, not even you know what your private key is. So, buckle up for the passkey takeover!

Waiting Game for Android Users

While iPhone users can already enable passkeys, Android users will have to play the waiting game. Amazon promises that passkeys for Android are coming soon. So, hang in there, Android folks, your time will come.

Amazon Joins the Big League

Amazon is following in the footsteps of Apple, Google, and Microsoft by offering passkey support. They're all board-level members of the FIDO Alliance, the association that sets the standards for passkeys. The tech giants are leading the way to a passwordless future, but only a handful of services outside their circle, like BestBuy, eBay, and PayPal, have adopted passkeys so far.

The Future of Passwords

While many are excited about ditching passwords for passkeys, some believe passwords will still be around for a while longer. That said, passwords are often the weak link in the security chain, so maybe it's time for a change. Will passkeys be the answer to ending phishing campaigns, malware and infostealer installations? Only time will tell.
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