Alphabet’s Moonshot Lab X Aims High: Spinning Out Futuristic Tech with Fresh Investor Funds

“Google’s Alphabet is shaking up its moonshot lab, X, tossing out staff like yesterday’s tech news and pivoting towards outside-funded spinoffs. Will their heady ideas finally launch or is this mission control saying no-go?” Focus keyphrase: Google’s Alphabet moonshot lab X.

Hot Take:

Google’s “moonshot factory” is getting a reality check and realizing that, just maybe, their soaring ambitions need a touch of mundane capitalism to stay afloat. And by mundane, I mean cold, hard investor cash. Buckle up, Astro Teller, it’s time to spin those lofty dreams into something investors can swipe right on. Meanwhile, Apple’s playing the hero with its new “stolen device” feature because nothing says “I love you” like a tech giant ensuring your ex can’t drunk dial from your pilfered iPhone.

Key Points:

  • Alphabet’s moonshot lab, X, is cutting staff and looking to spin out projects to be funded by external investors.
  • X aims to tackle global challenges but has struggled to consistently succeed with its spinoff businesses.
  • iOS 17.3 introduces Stolen Device Protection, allowing users to lock out thieves with Face ID or Touch ID authentication.
  • NVIDIA’s RTX Remix tool hits open beta, letting modders inject aging games with a dose of modern graphics magic.
  • Apple’s latest sci-fi series “Constellation” is set to launch, promising unreliable narrators and HDR eye-candy.

Need to know more?

Google's New Money-Making Moonshots:

It seems the Googleplex has decided that shooting for the moon is more fun with a loaded wallet. X division, not to be confused with the Twitter of yesteryears, is pivoting from being a playground for far-out ideas to a place where those ideas need to make cents—sense and dollars, that is. It's like a high-tech lemonade stand, but instead of lemonade, they're selling slices of the future. With a sprinkle of investor sugar, of course.

Apple's Anti-Theft Anthem:

Apple just released the latest security serenade for its devoted followers: iOS 17.3, complete with a shiny new "Stolen Device Protection" feature. Now, your ex can't snoop into your selfies even if they managed to snag your passcode during that last regrettable Netflix 'n' chill. It's the digital equivalent of a chastity belt for your iPhone, and it's about time. Plus, there's AirPlay hotel support because nothing says vacation like streaming your own sad playlist on a borrowed screen.

NVIDIA's Nostalgia Revolution:

For those who still get misty-eyed over the blocky graphics of yore, NVIDIA's RTX Remix is here to sprinkle some fairy dust on your old games. It's like getting a facelift for your digital past. Now, "Call of Duty 2" and "Need for Speed Underground 2" can glow up with the rest of the gaming world, proving that even in the pixel universe, age is just a number.

Apple's Constellations and Conspiracies:

Apple TV is at it again, this time with "Constellation," a sci-fi series that promises more twists than a pretzel factory. Starring Noomi Rapace as an astronaut with a complicated relationship with reality, the show is set to turn your home theater into a den of deceit and dazzling HDR. Just when you thought space couldn't get any darker, Apple's got a flashlight—and it's pointing at all the shady corners.

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